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Kill Your Air Conditioner; Cool Your House With a Big Fan

The summer of 2009 has been cooler than usual in the Midwest, but Mother Nature can still pack a punch.  August has seen some 90-degree days in places like Michigan.  When it get this hot, some people like to stay inside in front of the air conditioner (based on recent ... keep reading

Written by Jeff Kart in August 2009, about Air Quality, Clean Technologies, Energy Saving, Global Dimming, Lifestyle & Behavior, Weather (3 comments)

Is the Climate Warming or Cooling?

Article appears courtesy of BBC You may have heard that the climate has been 'cooling' since 1998. And you would be right, according to new research published in the journal Geophysical Research Letters. But you'd be wrong to think that the recent 'cold snap' is evidence that global warming ... keep reading

Written by Shanta B. in July 2009, about Climate Change, Environment & Wildlife, Environmental Disasters, Global Dimming

What has climate change done to the seasons?

By Duncan Green from the Oxfam International Blog, Poverty to Power Yesterday, Oxfam published Suffering the Science, a powerful synthesis of the science and the human havoc that climate change is already wreaking. The thing that caught my eye was ‘What Happened to the Seasons?’, an input paper by my ... keep reading

Written by Duncan Green in July 2009, about Climate Change, Earth, Soil, & Landscape, Environment & Wildlife, Environmental Disasters, Global Dimming, Lifestyle & Behavior, Weather

NSIDC: Arctic “melt season in high gear”

The National Snow and Ice Data Center has a July 6 update on Arctic ice melt: The Arctic is now in the midst of the summer melt season. Through most of June, ice extent tracked below the 1979 to 2000 average, and slightly above the levels recorded during June 2007 ... keep reading

Written by Joseph Romm in July 2009, about Climate Change, Environment & Wildlife, Environmental Disasters, Global Dimming, Rivers, Lakes, and Oceans, Water

The Daily Dose: Your Guide to the World Today – 22 June 09

Pro and anti whaling nations at the International Whaling Commission’s annual get-together are no nearer a compromise solution to the issues of “scientific” and “customary” whaling, despite a year of talks in advance of this meet.  A three-year investigation by Greenpeace has led to court action being taken against ... keep reading

Written by Bruce Bisset in June 2009, about Action, Protest, & Activism, Climate Change, Deforestation, Earth, Soil, & Landscape, Emissions, Environment & Wildlife, Global Dimming, Nuclear, Rivers, Lakes, and Oceans

The Daily Dose: Your Guide to the World Today – 23 April 09

Air pollution causing global dimming may be enhancing plant productivity by up to a quarter by diffusing sunlight so more leaves get light and so absorb more CO2, also resulting in 10 percent more carbon being sequestered to land, a new study suggests. New technology could see geothermal generation rise ... keep reading

Written by Bruce Bisset in April 2009, about Carbon Sequestration, Deforestation, Global Dimming, Green energy, Logging

Earth Hour on March 28th at 8:30pm: Help Reach 1 Billion People

This year, for the first time, there will be a global election.  On March 28th 2009 at 8:30 pm you can turn off your lights for 1 hour and vote against global warming as part of the World Wildlife Fund's Earth Hour. The Earth Hour movement started ... keep reading

Written by Raegan Payne in March 2009, about Action, Protest, & Activism, Climate Change, Energy Saving, Events, Global Dimming, Lifestyle & Behavior

Novel Crop-Cooling Technique Could Mitigate Climate Change

Appears Courtesy of ENN and Sci / DevPlanting crop varieties that better reflect sunlight back out to space could reduce summertime temperatures by more than one degree Celsius in some parts of the world, researchers announced yesterday. The reduction, they say, would at certain latitudes be equivalent to a seasonal ... keep reading

Written by ENN/ Sci / Dev in January 2009, about Agriculture & Food, Clean Technologies, Climate Change, Design, Environment & Wildlife, Global Dimming

The End of Something, but Surely not History

Tom Rand is an Action Canada Fellow and Cleantech Venture Capitalist. His Celsias project is The Hotel Diaries. When philosopher Francis Fukuyama wrote that liberal democracy heralds the ‘end of history', neo-conservatives loved the idea, because then we could get on with business. It was not the lofty notions of ... keep reading

Written by Tom Rand in August 2008, about Agriculture & Food, Biofuels & Alternative Energy, Clean Technologies, Climate Change, Coal & Oil, Consumerism, Economics, Environment & Wildlife, Environmental Disasters, Finance & Money, Global Dimming, Industry & Business, Philosophy & Religion, Politics & Government (1 comment)

Veiling Our True Predicament: Part I - Global Dimming

Have you heard the expression 'Global Dimming' yet? The documentary embedded in this post examines the phenomenon, but, in brief, I'll endeavour to give a rough heads up on the topic. It's yet further evidence that our dangerous habit of underestimating the complexities of natural systems will surely ... keep reading

Written by Craig Mackintosh in May 2007, about Climate Change, Global Dimming

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