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Biochar Promises Bevy of Benefits for People and Planet

It’s hard to attend any kind of energy or sustainability conference these days without needing to pop a Xanax, but at the 2012 US Biochar Conference, held this week in Sonoma County, California, excitement trumped angst handily. That’s because biochar is a simple technology with the potential to ... keep reading

Written by Erica Etelson in August 2012, about Agriculture & Food, Carbon Sequestration, Earth, Soil, & Landscape, Economics, Permaculture, Water

The Prince gets it right - Feeding 219,000 New Mouths a Day

  The Prince of Wales speech at the Future for Food Conference at Georgetown University was excellent. We are going to bring it to you in two parts because he has packed in a heap of very good information. Here's the first instalment.  How can we create a more sustainable ... keep reading

Written by HRH the Prince of Wales in June 2011, about Agriculture & Food, Children and Families, Consumerism, Earth, Soil, & Landscape, Finance & Money, Health, Permaculture, Water

Could we Go Back to the Land ?

With thanks to Marc Roberts keep reading

Written by Marc Roberts in May 2011, about Carbon Sequestration, Consumerism, Earth, Soil, & Landscape, Permaculture

Rain Gardens Offer Improved Ways to Improve Soil and Clean Rainwater Runoff

Rain gardens, perennial plantings in shallow, manmade depressions large or small designed to catch and use rainwater runoff, are becoming increasingly popular among homeowners and cities.  In several communities, the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) scientists are working on ways to improve rain gardens to reduce runoff and filter ... keep reading

Written by Julie Mitchell in December 2010, about Children and Families, Design, Earth, Soil, & Landscape, Environment & Wildlife, Lifestyle & Behavior, Permaculture, Water, Weather

After War, Veterans Find Peace, Fulfillment in Agriculture

Adam Burke returned home from Iraq after nine years of military service with a Purple Heart award for bravery. But, suffering from both physical and emotional injuries, he did not feel prepared to enter the traditional workforce. During the third annual, four-day long Coalition for Iraq & Afghanistan Veterans (CIAV) conference ... keep reading

Written by Molly Theobald - Worldwatch Institute in May 2010, about Agriculture & Food, Children and Families, Education, Lifestyle & Behavior, Permaculture, Politics & Government, War

Give a Gift - Save the Planet..?

To stop climate chaos we're going to have to change the way we think. And I'll show you why gift giving might be the best way to do that. Gift giving might be the most practical, down-to-earth dirty way to stop climate change. Since the invention of the ... keep reading

Written by Eliav Bitan in March 2010, about Action, Protest, & Activism, Agriculture & Food, Art & Culture, Children and Families, Clean Technologies, Climate Change, Consumerism, Design, Economics, Education, Finance & Money, Food, Industry & Business, Lifestyle & Behavior, Media, Permaculture, Politics & Government

Carbon Friendly Agriculture?

As climate crisis accelerates, our farmers are placed in the ever more precarious position of growing food for an increasing population in the face of increasingly bizarre weather patterns. Weather patterns are shifting due to the increasing amount of energy trapped in our atmosphere by greenhouse gases.  And yet, farming ... keep reading

Written by Eliav Bitan in March 2010, about Agriculture & Food, Carbon Sequestration, Children and Families, Climate Change, Design, Earth, Soil, & Landscape, Food, Industry & Business, Lifestyle & Behavior, Permaculture (4 comments)

The Argument for Legalizing Marijuana for the Environment's Sake

Would the legalization of marijuana in the United States be good for the environment? Do I hear a resounding yes from the peanut gallery? Thought so. Beyond hyperbole and party favors the legalization of marijuana could actually benefit the environment. Legalizing marijuana would (hopefully) end the practice of growing marijuana ... keep reading

Written by Raegan Payne in March 2010, about Consumerism, Deforestation, Design, Earth, Soil, & Landscape, Economics, Environment & Wildlife, Finance & Money, Industry & Business, Lifestyle & Behavior, Permaculture, Politics & Government

Dirty Stories

In order to generate excitement around humble dirt - the star of a new movie bearing its name - people are being encouraged to visit the official site and share their own soil stories. Dirt! The Movie, due out in December, tells the amazing story of humans and our relationship with the ... keep reading

Written by Kate R. in November 2009, about Agriculture & Food, Children and Families, Climate Change, Deforestation, Design, Earth, Soil, & Landscape, Environmental Disasters, Finance & Money, Food, Industry & Business, Lifestyle & Behavior, Permaculture, Philosophy & Religion, Politics & Government, Pollution, Population, Poverty & Development, Weather

Permaculture 101 (+ Video)

Permaculture expert Penny Livingston-Stark shows how natural systems can teach us better design practices. Learning to work with the earth not only creates a healthier environment, it also nourishes the people who live in it. She is a permaculture expert and founder of the Permaculture Institute of Northern California and ... keep reading

Written by Chris Tobias in September 2009, about Agriculture & Food, Alternative, Cohousing, & Off-Grid Living, Earth, Soil, & Landscape, Food, Health, Lifestyle & Behavior, Organic, Permaculture

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