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Valeo Innovation Challenge: €100,000 to win

  Valeo is inviting engineering students to take part in the global Valeo Innovation Challenge. The goal is to design equipment that, between now and 2030, will make the car more intelligent and intuitive. Participants can signup now     For the initial selection rounds, engineering students are to develop bold, revolutionary ... keep reading

Written by Celsias in October 2013, about Design, Education, Electric vehicles, Transport, Travel

Setting the Standard: Australia Must Choose an Electric Car Charging Norm

More electric vehicles (EVs) are hitting Australia’s roads, and more public charging stations are being installed to support them. What is missing, however, is an Australian standard or even a recommendation for charging connectors – the plug that joins the car to the charging station. W hen we started Australia ... keep reading

Written by Thomas Braunl/The Conversation in September 2013, about Clean Technologies, Electric vehicles, Green energy, Politics & Government, Pollution

From the Netherlands, Electric Scooter Replaces Fiberglass with Eco NFCs

Hungary’s Moveo electric scooter has already tackled street clutter by allowing owners to fold them up into the size of a suitcase. Now the Be.e is another scooter that is demonstrating the possibility of creating robust vehicle frames out of organic materials. The scooter was designed by Maarten ... keep reading

Written by Springwise in September 2013, about Design, Electric vehicles, Industry & Business, Transport (2 comments)

Charging System Powers Electric Bus in 15 Seconds

TOSA, or Trolleybus Optimisation Système Alimentation, is a new electric bus charging system that only takes 15 seconds to power up. It is now being tested in Geneva, Switzerland. The system currently in place has the vehicles constantly connected to overhead trolley cables or they simply have to attempt ... keep reading

Written by PSFK/Lara Piras in June 2013, about Electric vehicles, Transport, Travel

Toyota Debuts Electric Bike and Car Sharing Stations

Japanese automobile company Toyota has installed an electric mobility charging station at the Toyota Ecoful Town, the low-carbon model town in Toyota City, Japan. The Smart Mobility Park functions as a hub for electric mobility sharing but it can also generate and store electric power. The Park is based on ... keep reading

Written by PSFK in May 2013, about Design, Electric vehicles, Emissions, Industry & Business, Transport

Make Every Last Drop Count - Sustainable Fuel Options for Cars

  In a world where getting every last gasp of natural gas, and every last drop of oil, dooms us to an inordinate amount of pollution and loss of species diversity, it is nice to know that we still have a few options. Even with the advent of electric vehicles, or ... keep reading

Written by Andrew Miller in May 2013, about Climate Change, Electric vehicles, Emissions, Industry & Business, Transport

Switching Fleets to EVs Could Drastically Reduce Company Fuel Costs

Businesses that switch to electric or plug-in hybrid vehicles could reduce their fleet fuel costs by 75%, according to a new report.    Published today and based on The Plugged-in Fleets Initiative (PIFI), the report explores the potential savings organisations could make by introducing plug-in vehicles such as electric and plug-in ... keep reading

Written by Edie/Leigh Stringer in January 2013, about Clean Technologies, Electric vehicles, Industry & Business, Transport

Nemesis Electric Car Breaks UK EV Speed Record

Nemesis, the super-fast electric car from the UK has  broken the UK land-speed record for electric vehicles at Elvington airfield near York. The Nemesis is  a heavily-modified Lotus Exige which was originally bought off eBay, and it was  clocked an average speed of 148mph (239km/h). The car was designed ... keep reading

Written by Celsias in September 2012, about Clean Technologies, Electric vehicles, Transport, Travel

Self Driving Cars: Coming Soon to a Highway Near You

  Imagine standing on a street corner in Manhattan, in need of a taxi to take you from Union Square up to Columbia University. You punch your destination into an app on your phone, which tells you the cab should be there in 30 seconds. A car pulls up as promised ... keep reading

Written by Dave Levitan/Yale e360 in August 2012, about Coal & Oil, Design, Electric vehicles, Lifestyle & Behavior, Smart Growth, Transport, Travel

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