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The correlation between climate change and ice cores.

For a lazy Sunday here and everywhere, here is a quick animation from one of our readers explaining ice cores and how they teach us about climate change. keep reading

Written by Daniel F in December 2013, about Climate Change, Design, Earth, Soil, & Landscape

New Zealand product will help reduce Chinese air pollution

A new wool and rice straw blended upholstery fabric, which has been developed by a Wellington company, goes into commercial production next year with the potential to create significant demand for New Zealand crossbred wool, while helping solve a massive air pollution problem in China. The Formary is a Wellington ... keep reading

Written by PR in December 2013, about Air Quality, Design, Emissions, Industry & Business, Pollution

EcoQube: An aquarium that feeds you.

Two students from University of California San Diego (UCSD) have designed an exciting project that ticks all the boxes. It is educational, functional, aesthetic and easy to use. In their own words, they have created “a natural, self-sustainable ecosystem that is easy to care for”. ‘Aquarium enthusiasts’ Eric and Kevin ... keep reading

Written by Daniel F Benson-Guiu in December 2013, about Agriculture & Food, Design, Earth, Soil, & Landscape, Organic, Rivers, Lakes, and Oceans

Why energy-saving homes often use more energy

Straw Bale House- Designed by Carina Rose Energy efficient houses are often thought to be a promising way to reduce our environmental footprint by using less energy and producing fewer greenhouse gas emissions. Yet, surprisingly, if you consider the whole life cycle of ... keep reading

Written by André Stephan & Robert Crawford- The Conversation in November 2013, about Alternative, Cohousing, & Off-Grid Living, Architecture, Clean Technologies, Design, Energy Saving

Walmart green roof set up by Portland State University.

A partnership between Portland State University and Walmart could significantly improve the design of green roofs. The roof of Walmart’s new Hayden Meadows store in North Portland will be fitted with a weather station and sensors across the 40,000 square feet of vegetative roof. The partnership will last ... keep reading

Written by Daniel F Benson-Guiu in November 2013, about Agriculture & Food, Architecture, Design

A Neural Circuit for Appetite Suppression?

  Neurons that control appetite suppression in mice are identified in Nature this week. The neurons highlighted in this study specifically curb the appetite after meals or when it is unhealthy to eat, such as during illness or toxin exposure. Understanding this important pathway could be valuable for the development of ... keep reading

Written by Celsias in October 2013, about Design, Health, Lifestyle & Behavior

Great idea From Frankfurt Airport

Airport security has become ever tighter over the years, which is good for safety but can cause irritation for travelers. Nowadays customers can’t take bottles of liquid on board and are asked to relinquish them at security checks, which is annoying and also bad for the environment when they ... keep reading

Written by Springwise in October 2013, about Design, Recycling (1 comment)

Greener Waters: Advancements in the Bathroom

    We use it every day. Approximately 60% of the human body is made up of it and after three days without it, your chances of survival are slim. Even though it covers over 70% of the world's surface, we only have access to less than 1% of it for ... keep reading

Written by Angelo DiGangi in October 2013, about Design, Energy Saving, Lifestyle & Behavior, Water

Valeo Innovation Challenge: €100,000 to win

  Valeo is inviting engineering students to take part in the global Valeo Innovation Challenge. The goal is to design equipment that, between now and 2030, will make the car more intelligent and intuitive. Participants can signup now     For the initial selection rounds, engineering students are to develop bold, revolutionary ... keep reading

Written by Celsias in October 2013, about Design, Education, Electric vehicles, Transport, Travel

Swappable Capsule Micro-Apartments

Micro apartments or micro housing has been a popular concept in the last few years, what with developers, designers, architects and practically everyone constantly looking for new solutions to housing in lieu of rising populations and decreasing urban space. The concept certainly isn’t new and, in Japan, there’s ... keep reading

Written by PSFK/Leah Gonzalez in September 2013, about Architecture, Design, Lifestyle & Behavior

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