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Calling All Sustainability Majors, Masters, and PhDs

The upward mobility of the discipline of sustainability – and its ample amount of similar/creative names – within education is becoming evident. Since the Agenda 21 agreement in 1992, progress towards higher education in sustainability has been slower than expected. However, in my researching, more universities are establishing undergraduate and graduate ... keep reading

Written by Riley Smith in April 2008, about Education (7 comments)

It's Raining Paper - How Do I Stop the Madness?

Lately it seems that all forms of paper have converged for the solitary purpose of attacking my sanity (or I have just become more cognizant of the fact that paper is all over the place!) The paper mainstream -- catalogues, junk mail, paper bags, and phone books -- continues to find me ... keep reading

Written by Riley Smith in March 2008, about Climate Change, Consumerism, Recycling

It's Not a "Mini-Me" but a HYmini Does Eliminate Petty Energy From Your Carbon Footprint

With hand held devices becoming commonplace in our personal and business lives, we are constantly in search for outlets, adaptors, and batteries. Whether we like it or not, cell phones, MP3 players, PDAs, iPods, and other 5V acronym devices adorn our bodies as if it were a Christmas tree. If ... keep reading

Written by Riley Smith in February 2008, about Clean Technologies, Consumerism

An Outdoors Child is a Healthy Child - and Possibly a Future Environmentalist

Editor's Note: With this post we welcome Riley Smith to the writing team. Riley is based in North Carolina and will be focusing on issues related to energy, education, deforestation, transport, and sustainability. Welcome Riley! As I was home for the holidays, one of the more significant green agenda ... keep reading

Written by Riley Smith in January 2008, about Consumerism, Education

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