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On Steven Hayward's Misreading of Gore and Heidegger

This short essay is a response to Steven F. Hayward’s paper entitled “The Fate of the Earth in the Balance: The Metaphysics of Climate Change”. That Hayward is reading Heidegger into Al Gore is something worth considering. Heidegger evokes, in the political mindset, fascism, Nazism, reactionary politics and political ... keep reading

Written by Paul Ennis in October 2007, about Philosophy & Religion, Politics & Government, Weather

Introducing the 'Shell to Sea' Campaign

‘Shell to Sea’ are an Irish organisation resisting attempts by the Shell conglomerate to construct a gas pipeline through the Mayo town of Rossport as well as the building of a refinery near Bellanaboy intended to treat gas extracted from the nearby Corrib gas field. The campaign has rarely attracted ... keep reading

Written by Paul Ennis in October 2007, about Coal & Oil, Industry & Business, Politics & Government, Weather

Heard of the Green Economy? Well Heres the Green Theology

There is an old adage that one should never talk about sports, religion or politics (or climate change!) with friends, but the recent news that a gathering of religious leaders congregated on a Norwegian vessel just beside the Sermeq Kujalleq glacier warrants attention. It’s a unique pilgrimage which transcended ... keep reading

Written by Paul Ennis in October 2007

Prevention is Better than Cure!

Editor's Note: Today we welcome Paul Ennis to the writing team. Paul writes out of Ireland, where he's studying for a PhD in Philosophy, with a particular emphasis on the philosophy of ecology. Watch out for some interesting posts from Paul! Does the allocation of funding for research ... keep reading

Written by Paul Ennis in September 2007, about War

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