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Art's Dynamic Relationship with Nature

Because artists have long held a dynamic relationship with nature, the partnership of art and sustainability is not new-- but undoubtedly an effective one.  One might argue that various forms of visual and interactive media probe provocative concepts and tap emotions in a way that cold hard facts seldom do ... keep reading

Written by Julie Reitz in February 2009, about Art & Culture, Climate Change, Consumerism, Lifestyle & Behavior

Guerilla Gardening Sweeps, Sows, and Tills the World

Flowers, greens and gardens have often been noted to not only promote well-being and health (think flower remedies, cleaner air and the therapeutic effects noted by avid gardeners), but also to thwart crime and mayhem in communities which partake in community garden projects. Socioeconomically, the effects are more obvious in ... keep reading

Written by Julie Reitz in January 2009, about Environment & Wildlife, Events, Food, Health, Organic, Philosophy & Religion, Population

Greening the World - It's Not Just for Scientists Anymore!

Think the eco-movement is driven by designers, scientists and builders? Environmental marketing consultant Jacquelyn Ottoman begs to differ, offering that it's a role surprisingly reserved for marketing professionals. She really contends that it's a group effort, but one in which marketers can essentially make or break a product ... keep reading

Written by Julie Reitz in October 2008, about Celebrities, Consumerism (6 comments)

Green Homes for Our Troops

Homes for Our Troops is an organization devoted to providing severely injured veterans from the Iraq and Afghanistan wars with free homes designed to accommodate their disabilities. The Sierra Club (as if you didn't know) is an organization devoted to protecting the environment while promoting the responsible use of ... keep reading

Written by Julie Reitz in August 2008, about Architecture, Clean Technologies, Design, Energy Saving

Young Eco-Heroes Abound! Kids and Teens Take on Our Biggest Environmental Issues

Times have definitely changed since I was a kid and the only mainstream marketing for the earth was a commercial of an "Indian" crying over pollution and an angry bear warning us about the dangers of forest fires. Thanks to organizations like Action for Nature and environmental competitions like the ... keep reading

Written by Julie Reitz in August 2008, about Children and Families, Clean Technologies, Climate Change, Education, Environment & Wildlife, Recycling

Pick Up Pal: A Ride Sharing Program and More

Awesome- you and 20 of your best friends are going to the Austin City Limits Music Festival in Texas in September, and you're up for a road trip but only one of you has a car, a Smart car, which won't even hold the Lone Star beer you ... keep reading

Written by Julie Reitz in July 2008, about Events, Transport (1 comment)

What's the Greenest Building of Them All?

What aims to be the greenest building in Europe has just been un-earthed and is expected to be complete at the end of next year. And using the snafus of the greenest building of 20 years ago, they may well have all the bases covered regarding efficiency and environmentalism. It ... keep reading

Written by Julie Reitz in July 2008, about Architecture, Clean Technologies, Energy Saving

Living with Just 100 Things- It Started with a Guy Named Dave

Being somewhat of a minimalist, having more than a little OCD as far as my "things" are concerned and having a huge crush on efficiency, I was thrilled to see this guy, Dave, challenge himself to live with just 100 things. In an effort to resist and even fight consumerism ... keep reading

Written by Julie Reitz in July 2008, about Consumerism, Philosophy & Religion

The Madness of LA Bike Activists- Taking It One Step Beyond

For anyone who was over the age of 10 in the 80's, you may remember one of the bands symbolic of the decade- Missing Persons- and their lyrical reference to the fact that "nobody walks in LA," meaning the metropolis is overflowing with gas-loving, car-addicted drivers. The city is ... keep reading

Written by Julie Reitz in June 2008, about Clean Technologies, Energy Saving, Events, Philosophy & Religion, Transport

California Calls Out Faux Naturals

 We know it takes effort to weed out the green washers, the faux organics and the natural wannabees who don't want to put the time, effort or money into being the real thing.  Regulatory laws are slowly proposed and consumers are slowly educated.  However, on May 29, California Attorney ... keep reading

Written by Julie Reitz in June 2008, about Consumerism, Health, Industry & Business

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