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Plant Wisdom

A recent Celsias posting about M. Night Shyamalan's newest movie, The Happening, reminds us that 'plant attacks' are not solely the property of Shyamalan's science fiction. Plants in the real world, just as in the movie, can release deadly toxins in response to threats. We haven't seen ... keep reading

Written by Eliav Bitan in June 2008, about Agriculture & Food, Environment & Wildlife, Events, Philosophy & Religion

Turkey Joins Kyoto

Two days ago, the Commission on Environment of the Turkish Grand National Assembly approved the Kyoto Protocol on Global Warming. The Kyoto Protocol, part of the International Framework Convention on Climate Change requires 36 developed countries to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions, while 137 developing countries monitor and report their ... keep reading

Written by Eliav Bitan in June 2008, about Politics & Government, Weather (1 comment)

Green Bottled Water?

 In The Shaky Ground of Sustainable Development, Environmental historian Donald Worster worried that in the partnership between ecological sustainability and development “it will be 'development' that makes most of the decisions and 'sustainability' will come trotting along, smiling and genial, unable to assert any firm leadership, complaining only about the ... keep reading

Written by Eliav Bitan in June 2008, about Consumerism, Industry & Business, Water

Is There Intelligent Life on Earth?

This week's Mars Landing is generating much press and excitement. Humanity's ability to land a rocket on another planet, and remotely control it from Earth is an impressive technological feat. But should we be spending U.S. government funds on Mars exploration when life on earth is threatened ... keep reading

Written by Eliav Bitan in June 2008, about Environment & Wildlife, Philosophy & Religion (1 comment)

Green Politics for Left and Right

On May 12, John McCain, the Republican candidate for US president, gave a major policy speech on Global Warming at the Portland, Oregon training center of Vestas Wind Corporation. In his speech he pointed out the obvious (if inconvenient) truth that "the facts of global warming demand our urgent attention ... keep reading

Written by Eliav Bitan in May 2008, about Politics & Government, Weather

Individualism & Environmental Destruction

Joe Brewer wrote in this space about one particular flawed mode of thought that shapes environmental discourse: hero myths. I'd like to add another inaccurate way of thinking that causes environmental destruction: individualism. The idea that we are individuals outside of nature, is flawed. Nature is often understood as ... keep reading

Written by Eliav Bitan in May 2008, about Philosophy & Religion

Oil Idiocy

Sticking oil underground is wrong at this point in time. -- IHT At a time of globally altered climate due to burning oil, as the planet braces for a North American driving season that is sure to see massive emissions from the US car fleet, this is exactly the right time ... keep reading

Written by Eliav Bitan in May 2008, about Coal & Oil, Politics & Government, Weather

Environmental Justice Disaster in Burma

I received a shocking email from Columbia University's Burma 88 Committee, a student group organizing Burma activism on campus. They've held vigils, written letters, protested, and published an editorial supporting the uprising against the military junta currently governing the country. Today's email described the stunning impacts of ... keep reading

Written by Eliav Bitan in May 2008, about Climate Change, Events

Eco Nemo

The New Yorker has an excellent profile this week of Paul Watson, a stunningly bold vigilante activist committed to defending the lives of whales. Watson "believes whales are more intelligent than people, and that their slaughter is tantamount to murder." Watson is the founder of the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society ... keep reading

Written by Eliav Bitan in November 2007, about Environment & Wildlife

EPA Inaction

Is the Environmental Protection Agency protecting the Environment? The Washington Post Reports that "The Environmental Protection Agency's pursuit of criminal cases against polluters has dropped off sharply during the Bush administration, with the number of prosecutions, new investigations and total convictions all down by more than a third, according ... keep reading

Written by Eliav Bitan in October 2007, about Environment & Wildlife, Politics & Government, Weather

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