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Smart Urban Transportation: Transforming Existing Systems

Writers (including me) spilled a lot of virtual ink last year about the emergence of new urban growth patterns that shifted away from the commuter/suburban sprawl model. People want to renovate their living situations into closer-knit communities that produce lower emissions, and it's becoming clearer that transportation will ... keep reading

Written by Amy Anaruk in January 2009, about Clean Technologies, Design, Population, Transport (1 comment)

A Climate-Friendly Christmas May Bring You More Joy (Really!)

Cutting back during the holidays sounds about as festive as doing laundry, but dialing down the decorations (the manufactured ones, at least) and the gift-giving actually has a tendency to enrich the season and make it more meaningful. It's no secret that Christmas, more than any other winter celebration ... keep reading

Written by Amy Anaruk in December 2008, about Design, Events, Health, Philosophy & Religion

Climate Projections and Global Food Security

Director-General of the United Nations' Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) Jacques Diouf recently held a press conference for the new report, "The State of Food Insecurity in the World 2008" and delivered the devastating news that 40 million more people around the world experienced chronic hunger as a result of ... keep reading

Written by Amy Anaruk in December 2008, about Agriculture & Food, Politics & Government, Population

Body Burdens and the Kid-Safe Chemicals Act

Like many parents, in 2005 I was horrified to hear of the cord blood research that uncovered over 200 pollutants already present in babies' bodies at birth. Even more disturbing were the possible health implications of those chemicals: "Of the 287 chemicals we detected in umbilical cord blood, we know ... keep reading

Written by Amy Anaruk in November 2008, about Children and Families, Health

Seawater Farming: A Solution for Rising Sea Levels, Food and Fuel Crises?

Big problems require big ideas to solve them, but what about two massive predicaments? Is it possible to approach them together with one outsized, ambitious solution? University of Arizona atmospheric physicist Carl Hodges thinks so, and his life's work hinges on taming the rising sea into irrigation channels that ... keep reading

Written by Amy Anaruk in November 2008, about Agriculture & Food, Climate Change, Environment & Wildlife, Water (8 comments)

The Bush EPA: A Spooky Retrospective

Recently, the Environmental Protection Agency decided not to regulate perchlorate in U.S. drinking water. It's a refusal that comes as no great surprise after nearly eight years of clean air, water, and land rollbacks under the presidency of George W. Bush, an administration that has allowed outside interests ... keep reading

Written by Amy Anaruk in October 2008, about Air Quality, Children and Families, Climate Change, Coal & Oil, Emissions, Environment & Wildlife, Environmental Disasters, Health, Politics & Government, Pollution

A Renewable Island in a Fossil-Fueled World

Carbon neutral communities are an environmentalist's dream, the pie in the sky for your average eco-idealist, right? And isn't it also true that reducing dependence on fossil fuel energy by converting to renewables like wind and solar power on a massive scale costs a hefty chunk up front ... keep reading

Written by Amy Anaruk in October 2008, about Clean Technologies, Energy Saving, Green energy (1 comment)

Smart Growth and Wide Open Spaces

One of the many reasons my family is moving from Northwest Florida to Denver this fall has to do with Colorado's extensive system of trails and open space parks. Until I visited the area for the first time last July, I had never experienced the full, best-of-both-worlds effect of ... keep reading

Written by Amy Anaruk in September 2008, about Architecture, Design, Environment & Wildlife, Smart Growth (1 comment)

Eco Neighborhoods - Where Community Meets Sustainability

The popularity of older, inefficient residential models, particularly the American suburb, has dropped as higher fuel prices make long commutes more costly and mixed-urban neighborhoods and other community-based housing options gain steam. Some people are settling in areas with other proponents of green living and increasing their sustainability as an ... keep reading

Written by Amy Anaruk in September 2008, about Agriculture & Food, Children and Families, Design, Philosophy & Religion (1 comment)

A Kazakh Miracle, Mostly: The Partial Recovery of the Aral Sea

The shrunken Aral Sea in Central Asia, product of a massive twentieth-century environmental disaster, has healed to a remarkable degree according to a recent update from the Kazakhstan government that describes the recovery as miraculous. Water is returning to the North Aral Sea, setting an example for future ecological recovery ... keep reading

Written by Amy Anaruk in August 2008, about Agriculture & Food, Environment & Wildlife, Environmental Disasters, Water

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