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"All I want to do ... is be savin' you money"

Seeking to promote energy efficiency?  Well, here's an approach that can burn some watts in the local dance club... From Grass Fed Films Related Reading:Save $5000 and Do Well By Our Environment in Under an HourSpending, Emissions, and Fruit: Easily Canned!Get Celsias Headlines on Twitter: Celsiastweets keep reading

Written by A. Siegel in April 2009, about Consumerism, Economics, Energy Saving, Industry & Business, Lifestyle & Behavior

Climate Bill 2009... Top Priority or...?

To be or not to be? That is a question already surrounding the issue of climate legilslation for action in 2009, even before the Obama Administration takes office. When question, Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi stated the votes are there in the House, but that she wouldn't commit ... keep reading

Written by A. Siegel in January 2009, about Carbon Trading, Climate Change, Politics & Government

Three simple words: No Packaging, Please ...

youtube video   We must have change, from the global to the personal.  In terms of the personal, ask yourself: do you need the wrapping?  And, perhaps if enough of us were to act on this then the personal might be global. keep reading

Written by A. Siegel in November 2008, about Consumerism

John McCain: We know you by now ...

For ever so long, the energy and environmental community have been working to communicate the dishonesty, truthiness and deceptiveness of John McCain's claims when it comes to renewable energy and global warming. Sadly, the McBlurring McSame McCain has worked all too well. The League of Conservation Voters (LCV) has ... keep reading

Written by A. Siegel in October 2008, about Climate Change, Environment & Wildlife, Politics & Government

McCain's Utter Disdain for Meaningful Energy Plans

Architecture2030 is a tremendous group, with concepts that should be seized and acted upon as part and parcel of moving forward toward an Energy Smart future. Recently, they've made a bit of a name for themselves with excellent graphics that call out just how sensible John McCain's energy ... keep reading

Written by A. Siegel in October 2008, about Nuclear, Politics & Government (1 comment)

Calculating the Financial Benefits of Compact Fluorescent Light Bulbs (CFLs): The Case of a Condo Building

We have all become armored against advertising and the claims of "save $26" (or more) on a CFL package are hard to believe. In addition, in our culture, we focus on the cost to buy (CTB) rather than the cost to own (CTO). Thus, in a weird perversion of Benjamin ... keep reading

Written by A. Siegel in October 2008, about Clean Technologies, Economics, Emissions, Energy Saving

Move Aside Gore. Move Aside Pickens. Google is at the Podium!

At the Corporate ECOforum, Google CEO Eric Schmidt gave a talk that looks well worth hearing. Schmidt began his talk with a Google Earth heavy discussion "of rising temperatures and government policies that are either speeding up or slowing down climate change." There's a total failure of political leadership ... keep reading

Written by A. Siegel in September 2008, about Clean Technologies, Computing, Economics, Energy Saving, Green energy, Industry & Business, Solar

Biking Breaks = Offsetting Carbon Emissions?

Carbon offsets are something that trouble me, with the analogy to medieval indulgences clearly seeming relevant for at least some who embrace them. On the other hand, Energy's Three Rs make much sense to me: Reduce energy use (through efficiency and conservation) Use Renewable Power as much as possible ... keep reading

Written by A. Siegel in September 2008, about Carbon Trading, Children and Families, Energy Saving (3 comments)

Sarah Palin's Anger: "My Guy's" Hobby Threatened

Beneath her warm and endearing facade, one could suspect that Sarah "Pit Bull with Lipstick" Palin is outraged at the audacity of anything to threaten the favored sport of Todd "My Guy" Palin. "My Guy" has won the "grueling 2,000-mile Tesoro Iron Dog [Pit Bull with Lipstick?] snowmobile race ... keep reading

Written by A. Siegel in September 2008, about Climate Change, Environment & Wildlife, Events, Politics & Government

Environmental Defense's Krupp calls on Green Groups to avoid talking about Global Warming

In the past, I asked what I saw as a stinging question: Whose "environment" is Environmental Defense defending? When it came to the Lieberman-Warner Coal-Subsidy Act, Environmental Defense and I were clearly on far different sides: ED wanting something in legislation, now, no matter how inadequate it might be, while ... keep reading

Written by A. Siegel in September 2008, about Climate Change, Coal & Oil, Environmental Disasters, Media, Weather

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