Why Are We So Stupid ?

Glenys D

So it seems that global carbon dioxide levels will likely reach 400 parts per million within days. And it didn’t even make the news here. This will be a level unprecedented in human history since our atmosphere has probably not contained so much C02 since the Pliocene Epoch which precedes any people by about 2 million years.


sandy This forecast is based on data from the Mauna Loa Observatory (MLO) in Hawaii, a highly institution in such things.

How quickly we have changed things and how little action we are taking

Trying to get real action at a Federal level in the US seems to be about as plausible and sensible as trying to get some gun control.Seems we much prefer our own destruction.

 So why are we so stupid ?

Why would we actually want to be the architect of our own demise. And take so manyfires other species with us. Man is the only species that can do that.

Is it the same reason that gun control just simply does not take root in the US. That vested , strong, moneyed interests have got control of the political process and we are but mere puppets to their greed?

Or have we got some fundamental evolutionary flaw that means that we simply can’t see beyond the end of this month ?

  Bad news guys- Governments are not going to fix this. In the case of the US Government it seems powerless despite the rhetoric. China actually seems to be pushing into a position of leadership.

But either way it comes down to each one of us. What is it that we love more than our kids, and grandkids? Is there anything ?
Well if not….you have no choice but to act.

climate change As the building collapse in Dacca, Bangladesh this week reminds us how we definitely do not  need clothes made in places where workers are put at such risk, how many more reminders do we ea

ch need of the risks of more extreme and more frequent weather events that we saw in every part of the world in the last 12 months?

 Could there be any more urgent reminder than the more frequent and more intense droughts, floods, fires , hurricanes? Do we need it written across the sky in big red letters?

No...we are not that dumb.


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Erich (anonymous)

What is it that we love more than our kids, and grandkids? Is there anything ?
Yes, our own little selfs.

Written in May 2013

Andrew B. 15°

Nice article Glenys D , my sentiments exactly. I can feel your frustration. How do we 'turn back the clock' when we have reeked so much damage already ? Do the little things we do as individuals even make any difference at all ?
I moved to Indonesia from Australia about 20 years ago. Back in Oz a 'green' revolution was underway. People were recycling , there were fire bans on burning off. I was hopeful of a 'cleaner , greener' planet. Then I got here. A population of more than 200 million , 10 times that of Australia , with no idea or education about the environment. People were literally burning rubber tires on the side of the road to repel mosquitoes. I was horrified. Devastated. In 20 years , it's getting better. Government campaigns are in place , children are being educated about caring for the environment, but there is still this futile sinking feeling with me that we really are 'too late.'
I've got a little 5 year old daughter now, and I know where Erich is coming from. There must be made an urgent priority that we preserve our planet for the sake of the next generations future.
Governments, i have come to learn are the same world over ; motivated only by money and power. It's up to the people to make a stand for the land.
Maybe social networks such as these will be the catalyst for such a movement ?
Go Green or Go Home !

Written in May 2013

Hugh (anonymous)

It seems the majority may be distracted by other matters... namely their own survival. For most money is survival, so Erich is right - we are the highest priority - then our children's generation. As for Andrew's comments - it will be hard to imagine an Indonesia that values the environment where they do not value human life. I would of thought they would be linked. The evidence of this may be that Indonesia has a net 200% increase in emissions since 1990, while Australia has a 40% increase. The solution therefore lies in the link between money and power - we have to place the right people in power. Democracy - if that fails then action - if that fails then more action. Social networks may help bring like people together but ultimately it will be collective action that is needed before we place the power in the right place in order to turn the current CO2 trend around.

Written in May 2013

Andrew B. 15°

It's true Hugh that in Indonesia 'Life is Cheap'. The majority of people live on a day to day basis. An average wage in the cities is USD210 per month , much less in the villages. There is no Social Security system here - that is substituted by children and an old cultural adage ' If I have enough kids, hopefully one will grow up to be rich enough to support me and the other brothers and sisters.' It can be a vicious cycle with really no time to be concerned about the environment. 'If wood is a cheaper source of fuel to cook my dinner, then that is what i will use.'
Empowerment of the people , firstly through better free education , secondly by better equal rights for all , will go a long way to helping the environment.
I'm interested in where your figures on 'increases in emissions' by year and country come from ? We have seen a construction boom here in the last 5 years while Australia's economy has slowed somewhat, so you might be right. A reference link would be interesting.

Written in May 2013

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