What's the Greenest Building of Them All?

Greenest BuildingWhat aims to be the greenest building in Europe has just been un-earthed and is expected to be complete at the end of next year. And using the snafus of the greenest building of 20 years ago, they may well have all the bases covered regarding efficiency and environmentalism.

It's fitting that the World Conservation Union (IUCN) would be housed in the greenest building, which aims at exceeding 2 sustainable building standards- LEED and Minergie (similar to LEED certification, used in France and Switzerland).

Features of the greenest structure include retrieving 85% of its energy from renewable sources, using local, recycled, carbon-dioxide reduced concrete, as well as a temperature regulating airbox. In addition, everything in the building will play multiple roles, such as the wrap-around balconies that help the building meet safety standards while keeping it cool in the summertime.

Even the furniture transport does double duty, as the truck will return to it's origin with food, while the furniture will be encased in blankets in lieu of plastic.

Still, taking inflation into account, the building acts as a financial role model as well; apparently the price-tag of this endeavor will be the same as that of the ‘learnedfromourmistakes' green building of 2 decades ago (which implemented grass rooftops only to require regular mowing appointments.)

It sounds like they are truly taking this opportunity for inspiration and education seriously in this eco-centric era. And just imagine all the creative things that will unfold over the building period....

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