We Are Not in a Post Litter Era?

For some reason, entrenched in many environmental battles (like tar sands, big oil, disposable containers, leaving the water running!), I forgot the travesty of littering.  I wasn’t naive enough to think that littering didn't happen 


I just thought we’d moved on - because of education, common sense, and basic human decency.  So my optimism was a bit crushed on our National Day of Service last weekend.

I signed up for an LA Citywide Cleanup hosted by Friends of Ballona Creek Wetlands bike path, which runs next to, you guessed it, Ballona Creek. 

Once upon a time, someone got the idea to wrap Ballona Creek in concrete.  Today it is a pathetic little stream of water that runs through, what amounts to, a large and unsightly skateboard ramp, on it’s way to Marina del Rey.  I privately cheer every time I see a little bush or tree that has pushed up through the cement.

raegan stream I showed up at 10am on a beautiful Saturday, was handed gloves and a trash bag by the Friends of Ballona Creek, and then proceeded to be horrified by litter for the next two hours. 

Creek is a direct passage to the ocean with no barricades.  It drains the Los Angeles basin, for those of you out-of-town that would include: Hollywood, UCLA, USC, The Hills, The Walt Disney Symphony Center, etc.


raegan stream

Most Common Trash:

Cigarette Butts (Stop smoking, it’s nasty, throw your cigarette butts in the trash – this is not hard!)

Plastic Bags (grocery, newspaper, dog poop bags)

Styrofoam – Why is this stuff still in use?

Take out containers, coffee stirrers, and Starbucks containers.



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