Student Micro-Lending for a Better World


Dear Celsias Readers,

I am excited to introduce you to the awesomeness that is - A micro-lending site for student loans.

vittana My love of Kiva is well publicized, as it is one of the easiest and safest ways to volunteer in a developing nation without spending the CO2 to travel there.  Plus, Kiva doesn’t send you junk mail, which I hate.

Now Vittana picks up where Kiva left off.  Supplying loans to students in developing nations so they can complete their education and become problem solvers within their community.

 i.e. “Our mission is to empower young people around the world with the the education and training they need to build a life of prosperity and opportunity.”

The students pay you back and you can either pocket the money or re-loan to another student.  Also, unlike Kiva you can donate any amount you want – from $1 to $100,000.  Those of us who have been students know that even $1 helps buy a cup of Ramen.

I found out about Vittana because of a campaign launched by New York Times Best Selling author Tim Ferris who has pledged to match every donation to $50,000 for his 35th birthday.

vittana But why does education and more importantly micro loans for education help the environment? 

Starting with the grave problem of overpopulation - studies find that the higher the education level of women the lower the birth rate.  Basic environmental knowledge increases responsible stewardship, and the environmental problems the Earth faces today are only going to be solved by brilliant minds and new technologies.

Help out a starving student today and go to to make a loan (any size) to the student of your choice.

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