Vegan Sandals Made from the Shed Bark of Palm Trees




 Palmetti is a new line of vegan sandals from a Dutch product design studio led by Tjeerd Veenhoven . They are made of Palmleather, an organic and biodegradable material made from the shed bark of palm trees. Both Palmetti and Palmleather were conceived by Studio Tjeerd Veenhoven and are manufactured as close to their source as possible, in a small production unit located in Gadag, in the rural area of southern India.

palmetti When the brittle shed bark of the Areca Palm is soaked in a natural oil solution, the result is soft, flexible, and surprisingly leather-like material, hence the name. 


While Palmetti is a new product, Palmleather as a project exists for over two years. One of the many opportunities this upgraded material presents is the possibility to replace plastic, rubber or leather in numerous products such as book covers, mobile phone and tablet sleeves, bags and carriers, and of course, sandals.


Palmetti is not only ecologically but also socially responsible. The production unit inpalmetti which they are manufactured is intentionally kept to a maximum of 30 workers to ensure proper working conditions as well as social cohesion. This small scale makes the unit work as a family, rather than as a group of line workers.


Palmetti and various other Palmleather products are currently only available through their crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo. “We want to raise enough funds to build a second production unit in India. This will let us ensure proper working conditions for both units, without resorting to what sadly is common practice in India (overcrowded facilities, extremely low wages, forced unpaid overtime, etc.). That is simply no option for us.” says Veenhoven.

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