There's Something that I'm Just Not Getting About Climate Change

Vicki B

There’s something I’m not getting about  climate change .climate change

The science is basically agreed, so we know that carbon emissions basically stuff our home planet for us and many other species.


And we haven’t got any other planet we can go to

And we are all in this together , and it really doesn’t matter whose emissions they are that are acting to warm our planet cos we all get affected


fires And we know the path that we are on is heading for about 4 degrees of warming which will cause the extreme weather events we have seen a lot of in the past few years to become much more frequent. So the extreme droughts that we have seen in the US and Australia and NZ and the severe winter storms, and the intensity of the hurricanes, the frequency and size of the floods.

So we can see what the impact of global warming is in the frequent extreme weather events.
It’s not good, right ? And it makes life as we live it unworkable . It’s hard when the crops don’t grow, when the roads don’t work, when power is cut,when planes can’t fly  and massive winds or massive fires take away houses, lives and communities.

floods So we are not keen to live that way –or die that way.

Yeah…that’s right.

Okay …so we know that renewable technologies are about and we know that we can install them at much the same price as the old fashioned oil and coal solutions.


So why are we holding on to those fossils of fuels ?


Is it like a tobacco type addiction or big sugar or a form of drug addiction ?– promoted by the people who stand to benefit financially and never mind the consequences?

So that’s the bit I don’t get .

Why are we letting those dudes get away with it when we all know it's so wrong?

 Nope- don't know that answer.


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Because they run the world - and being powerful and rich is very seductive and a very safe place to be - for now.
When we decide to run the world - they will be very scared - but right now they control governments, business and the media and people haven't woken up yet because they are too busy watching TV

Written in March 2013

Hugh W.

I think it is more complex than that. Fossil fuels are both an addiction and a very real need. Economies depend it the cheap energy the industry provides. We I agree that corruption is a large part of the problem, but it not the only part. We currently use more energy than we could hope to supply through alternatives means. Replacing your car to electricity is just not possible. The simple truth is that coal, oil, natural gas and nuclear can satisfy the Four Energy Imperatives: power density, energy density, cost and scale. Moving to renewables means replacing high-power-density sources that are reliable and low cost with low-power-density sources that are highly variable and high cost. Will the economy cope with that change - some fear not, thus making it impossible to get a democratic consensus needed to move forward.

Written in March 2013

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