Ten Examples of How Climate Change Will Affect Us

Mindy Laughton


Even though we sometimes fail to realize it, we are gradually coming under the impactful influence of climate change and global warming. Our failure to realize it undermines the fact that the effects of climate change will be subtle and gradual – stealing upon us. The United Nations had launched sensitization campaigns on the subtle effects of climate change and how it will affect us in unexpected ways, and even proffered helpful solutions that might help to counter the effects of this phenomenon. Below are 10 ways that climate change will affect us:mosquito

i.  Climate change has been affecting our health: We may not have been aware of this, but increase in the rates of heat waves, air pollution, storms and their related diseases like heat strokes, heat cramps and asthmas have been linked to climate change. With malaria on the increase in humid and coastal areas, you can be sure that climate change is to blame for increases in these situations. What can you do? For heat waves you can use air-conditioning systems; for asthmas you must avoid air pollutions and dense cities; and for malaria you must use mosquito nets and take preventive health measures.

ii.  Climate change has been affecting agriculture: Due to the fact that crops growdrought us in response to environmental factors, climate changes could affect crop yields and lead to crop losses. Extreme winter is never too good for crops and droughts sure kill crops except irrigation systems are use. What can you do? You must only plant crops that go with the season at hand.

Climate change has been affecting available energy: With heat waves and unbearable heat, the general use of air-conditioning systems draw considerable power from electricity. And where electricity has been hydro-powered, then you can imagine that water level changes will affect hydropower and this in turn affects electricity to affect industries and activities that depend on electricity. What can we do? One thing is to look for reliable alternatives. Seek for alternative sources of clean energy at albertaenergyproviders.com

iv.  Climate change has been affecting water supply: Climate change coulddrought s america cause extreme droughts that can affect both humans and livestock. It also makes pasture unavailable for livestock and it becomes difficult to sustain the livestock and farm crops. Rivers and lakes and water levels in the ground become unstable. What can be done? Adjust by using less water.

v.  Ecosystems are becoming unstable for plants and animals: With instability in the ecosystems, temperature and available water changes among other things are making plants to die off and animals to migrate incessantly to find favorable survival conditions. Even birds and coral reefs are also responding to climate changes. What can you do? Protect natural habitats and their ecosystems.

vi.  Climate is to blame for wild fires: While it is true that people make fires,fires droughts and dry winds make them go wild. Whole forests have been burned down and many people have lost livestock and farm property because of wild forest fires. What to do? Do not make open fires.

vii.  Climate change is responsible for flooding and hurricanes: Yes, that is true. We have been affected with flooding in coastal areas and terrible storms and hurricanes sweeping through our lands and destroying lives and property without realizing the hands of climate change in these. Wetlands have been affected and rising water levels affect life and property. What can be done? Use sand dunes, shore buffers and do not disturb the natural path or flow of water.

viii.  Climate change has been affecting tourism and recreation: With excessivehurricane sandy via the conversation winters, hurricanes or heat waves, recreations at beaches or skiing activities become impossible. And tourism potentials become affected for individuals and the government. What can you do? Change recreation and tourism activities to suit the prevailing weather and season.

ix.  Extinction of plants and animals: Do you know what happened to dinosaurs and pterodactyls? Do you know why scientists and the government are struggling to conserve certain plants and animals or birds and label them endangered species? It is largely due to climate change and we barely know it. What to do? Conserve rare plants and animals and do not disturb their ecosystems.

x.  Climate change is to blame for famine and high food costs: We may not knowthis, but climate change has been leading to droughts and flooding among other things that cause famine and high cost of foods. What to do? Do not disturb the ecosystem and go into greenhouse projects and personal gardens and fisheries among others.

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