Tell Us Your Climate Action So We Can Tell Others and It Can Inspire Further Action

2013 is proving to be a year when climate change is made visible almost daily.

frackingThe weather has become the news and the frequency of extreme weather is frightening –in places we know well and in places we have yet to go.

While hurricanes, bushfires, droughts, and the rapid melting of polar ice make visible the impact of the climate change we are causing, the question remains what are we going to do about it .

Sadly it does not look like governments can or will solve this .

solar So if they won’t then it leaves it up to the rest of us . Businesses, community groups, concerted college action, or churches or local governments, court cases or whatever.Whether its thousands of you taking action or you and your friend we want to tell about what you are doing, not only so that others know but also so it inspires others to take action too.


We want to help you tell about what you are doing –so feel free to tell us and we’ll pass it on to all our readers . We can tell it as an article. Feel free to send us what you want told in article form .or put it up in the projects section or tell about your organisation or action. It’s free of course and its freely available to you .


So whatever it is you’re taking action on –whether its your school refusing to use fossil fuels, or you are fighting to save a threatened species, protesting against the drilling in the Arctic, or converting your neighborhood to wind or providing solar to your community .Whether you are taking legal action on single use bottles, organising a demonstration against fracking, standing for your Council on a renewable energy platform, or out taking the message of sustainability to your local school or your local representaive.Whether you are building off-grid , or on the edge of a low carbon technology.

Or anyone of another million things. We want to help you tell the world .



If you see any unhelpful comments, please let us know immediately.

Climate Action, Awareness and Education, Search, Voices of Sustainability:

As part of our objective to increase sustainability awareness we created, an expanding archive of curated video programming which integrates the elements of planet, people and prosperity - the environmental, the social and the economic issues and leadership.

Our audience is the more than 2.2M individuals searching monthly* on the terms, climate change and global warming plus the 1.2M on sustainability, not to mention searches on a wide array of related keywords such as emissions, high risk energy 'alternatives,' and scientific consensus. We are growing a special collection on climate change to bring focus to and advance the leadership of our citizens from all walks of life - scientists, teachers, politicians, business consultants, economists, environmental activists, and indigenous peoples - speaking on behalf of Mother Earth.

Over time, and organically, EarthSayers, similar to Wikipedia, will become ubiquitous across the Web, offering searchers - those active in the learning process - unfiltered voices, rather than highly processed information, corporate speak, and reports.

A recent study, for example, estimates "the top reason why teens go online, cited by 92% of respondents, is to find out information, ‘looking up things I don’t know.’ The challenge is to provide these teens and adults access in one place to the people and their teachings they should know of in order to make informed decisions about their future and that of the planet.
Go to special collection:

* Google search, keyword tool.

Written in March 2013

Vicki B. 75°

Hey, Ruth Ann , thanks for that . Check out the next story-we have just put up one of your videos ..

Written in March 2013

Yes F1 > F2.... Go here:

Written in March 2013

Vicki B. 75°

Wow Patrick ! If you would like us to put up a story on that , send what you would like put up to or
and we will do so ...

Written in March 2013

Viki I sent it to

Written in March 2013

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