Sydney- We'll pay you to leave says NSW Government

Vicki Buck

From today the state government of New South Wales will pay residents of Sydney $A7000 to leave Sydney and go and live in more rural areas. 

sydney State deputy Premier Andrew Stoner says "Regional NSW is a great place to live, work and raise a family – these A$7,000 grants will provide extra assistance," 

The cash incentive is an attempt to move population growth that is focussed on the big cities in Australia back into the regional economies.Sydney is home to one in every 5 Australians and the regions around it are dying. They have suffered from a draught that lasted for almost ten years and are projected to suffer further in the future as climate change threatens Australians with increasing desertification. Australia's history is also full of wildfires and this will have acted as a disincentive to life in "the bush" as Australians term life not in the cities.

So if you sell up and buy a home in the country there's cash. Cash is often what Australia does by way of policy incentives. Its easy to understand, and generally seems to work. Although this one will be interesting- and personally I'm doubtful it will reverse the trend. 

sydney Sixty percent of all Australians now live in five of its state capital cities (Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide and Perth).Sydney had 4.5 million residents. Its a city that's lovely and it's vibrant. Not always the case in the regional areas. But Sydney is already very expensive, and houses are beyond the reach of many. Average house prices are now about $A 670,000-more than 10 times the average wage. And the distribution of population is Australia is very unusual.

Current population estimates are that population in Australia will grow from the 22.5 million at present to 36 million in 2050. Thats an increase of more than 60%. Vast areas of Australia are empty of people . As you fly over Australia , which seems to take for ever, you can look down on hours of emptiness.

Will $7000 cut the mustard to achieve this aim ...? I'm doubtful it will do the trick.I suspect it will be the first attempt of many to try to reverse the massive shift to cities that hug the coastline in Australia's vast land.

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