Sydney Saves on Lighting Costs and Gas Emissions


Bicentennial Park in Glebe has become the first park in Sydney, Australia, to be installed with new GE LED lights. This is part of the roll-out of a A$7 million project secured by GE Lighting and its Australian partner UGL Limited earlier this year to replace 6,450 street and park lights in the City of Sydney over the next three years. The LED lights, produced by GE Lighting and installed by UGL, emit a light which is whiter and brighter than traditional street and park lights.

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This revolution in lighting technology is helping central Sydney to provide brighter park and street lighting while slashing electricity costs and greenhouse gas emissions. The LED lights are made up of a series of points of light or diodes, which better directs the light, and do not have a filament like traditional lights. This means they do not get hot, use far less energy, and last up to three times longer, saving on maintenance costs.


Over 1,400 LED lights have been installed to-date 


“Replacing 6,450 conventional lights will save nearly A$800,000 a year in electricity billsGE Sydney and maintenance costs,” said City of Sydney director of City Operations Garry Harding. “Sydney will be the first city in Australia to install the new LED street and park lights across its entire city centre, and joins other major cities such as Berlin, Barcelona, Los Angeles and San Francisco.”


The City of Sydney was the first carbon neutral Australian government, and has set itself one of the most ambitious greenhouse gas reduction targets: 70% by 2030. Currently, the City of Sydney is one of the largest users of street lighting in New South Wales with 22,000 lights. Public lighting accounts for a third of the City’s annual electricity use and 30% of its greenhouse gas emissions.


In addition to estimated savings of nearly A$800,000 a year in electricity bills and maintenance costs, the new LED lights will cut gas emissions by 40%, or 2,581 tonnes per year which is equivalent to taking 940 cars off the road. 

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