Students At Swarthmore College for National Fossil Fuel Divestment Conference


What: PowerUp! Fossil Fuel Divestment Convergence, a national gathering of students who are waging fossil fuel divestment campaigns on their respective campuses. Workshops, trainings, keynote address, strategy sessions, and two major direct action events.

Who: Nearly 200 students from 70 different colleges and universities. Crystal Lameman (Indigenous Environmental Network), Ellen Dorsey (Wallace Global Fund), Aura Bogado (The Nation), Junior Walk (Coal River Mountain Watch), Yudith Nieto (Tar Sands Blockade). Activists and organizers who are resisting hydrofracking, mountaintop removal, the Keystone XL Pipeline, and tar sands mining. Staff organizers from the Responsible Endowments Coalition,, New Economics Institute, As You Sow, Sierra Student Coalition, Energy Action Coalition, Better Future Project, and California Student Sustainability Coalition.

swarthmore Where: Friends Meeting House: Swarthmore College, Swarthmore, Pennsylvania.

When: February 22-24, 2013

Speak with Your Feet: Step Toward Divestment// Friday 1:00pm
Swarthmore students, faculty, staff, and alumni will join together for a march through campus during the Board of Managers meetings to demand powerful action on climate change through fossil fuel divestment.

Keynote: "Growing Stronger: From Divestment to Climate Justice" //  Saturday 7:30 PM
Crystal Lameman, Indigenous Environmental Network, Beaver Lake Cree Nation, Canada
Aura Bogado, The Nation, NY
Ellen Dorsey, Wallace Global Fund, Washington DC

Direct Action: Sowing the Seeds of Resistance// Sunday 2:00power up divest
Students and frontline activists from across the country will join together to sow the seeds of resistance in Swarthmore College’s Parrish Hall!

Student spokespeople availability: Friday 2:00 pm, 5:30 pm. Saturday 10:00 am, 3:30 pm. Sunday 12:00 pm, 3:00 pm

Why: In the past five months, fossil fuel divestment campaigns have developed on over 230 campuses across the country. The student climate movement is thriving and ready to move forward on the national scale. In aiming to break the control of the fossil fuel industry, this convergence brings two key stakeholders into the same space: frontline communities and young people. Frontline communities are those most impacted by dangerous fossil fuel extraction processes, and the youth are the ones who will inherit the climate impacts of burning that fuel. Divestment is one key tactic that recognizes the cost of both extracting and burning fossil fuels. The economic and political power of the fossil fuel industry can only be matched by people power. When we divest from fossil fuels, we take one crucial step towards building the people power needed to achieve climate justice.

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