The Story Behind Puro Fairtrade Coffee

Tamara Wolf


I would like to introduce you to Puro Fairtrade Coffee, and one of the reasons why I decided to work for them.

Coffee is commonly quoted to be the second most traded commodity in the worldfrog (after oil), so it serves as a great platform to deliver a message.

Although coffee farming has only been a very small contributor to rainforest deforestation, the coffee belt countries do hold the majority of the world's tropical rainforest.

puro saving rainforest We have made it our mission to not only direct 2% of Puro coffee sales towards buying and protecting rainforest reserves (in the name of local NGO’S), but to use our brand and point of sale to build greater awareness for this cause.

We want to inspire companies in all industries to make a more conscious effort to align themselves with environmental causes, and to also position profit alongside people and planet. Last year we were presented with a Business Charity Award, for our partnership with World Land Trust, a UK based land conservation charity, whose patron is Sir David Attenborough. If more companies applied the same ethical and environmental principles to their products and services, I think we would be in a much happier place now.

Puro was created in 2005, and since its conception, has always sourced Fairtrade,puro logo organic and shade grown coffee. For every cup of coffee sold, money is given to buy and protect areas of rainforest in coffee producing countries. To date, we have saved over 7,000 acres of rainforest across 4 Puro reserves in Ecuador, Brazil, Colombia and Guatemala, thanks to our loyal clients and consumers.

I know we have a great story to tell, but we need more storytellers to show companies that profit is just one measure of success. And for consumers, that their purchases can directly influence positive change in this world. 

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