Rudd clear on need for Price on Carbon in Australia


Australia has the chance to finally get a price on carbon when the composition of the Senate changes in July and the greens get to hold the balance of power.

In the 76-seat Senate, the Greens will gain the balance of power on 1 July 2011 with a total of nine seats, after winning one seat in each of the six states.The Coalition will be reduced from 37 to 34 and Labor will be reduced from 32 to 31.

A price on carbon has been a vexed issue in Australia and Labor and the Greens have struggled to make any headway at all. Even Conservative party leader, Malcolm Turnbull who understands climate change very well, was rolled in the lead up to one of the votes by the current leader of the Liberal Party, Tony Abbott. Abbott, who has consistently taken a stand against a price on carbon, was elected to the leadership with a one vote majority.Rudd


Kevin Rudd, previous Labor PM of Australia and now Foreign Minister was asked this week  about Australia's carbon emissions trading scheme and why he had not managed to achieve it while he was Primeminister , and did he still consider it important ?

He was very clear. "The Australian community expects that we put a price on carbon . On two occasions we tried to put a price on carbon. If you want to know why it failed look no further than the Conservative Parties ."


Gillard, who in turn rolled Kevin Rudd as Leader of the Labor Party and then narrowly managed to pull together a majority at the last election , has indicated that she will have a price on carbon, and she has reneged on her crazy election undertaking to have a citizen's committee on any Emissions Trading Scheme. She came to the carbon price in the deal with the Greens to get the numbers to form a Government in the very close results of  last year's election.

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