Q and A on New Zealand's Energy Strategy

Robert D

Question :
What is the Number 1 goal in the Government’s new Energy strategy?

Answer: Develop mineral and petroleum fuel resources

Question : But isn’t this a country that prides itself on its wealth of renewable sources and has one of the highest actual and potential rate of renewables in the world?

Answer: Yes, its already at 74% and could be increased easily.


Question: So why would the Government buy into a love affair with oil and coal even when the vast majority of New Zealand’s wealth comes from its environment , and when the returns from the oil don’t even come back to the country ?

Answer: Er, um , er …..there is no sensible answer to that question


Question : Is this the same Government that tried to sell the country on mining the national conservation estate, which is very large in New Zealand but unprecedented demonstrations and opposition to this forced them to change their minds ?

Answer: Yes


Question: Did the strategy change at all from the first draft to the post consultation one which is the one supposedly leaked

Answer: Seems not


Question:  Isn’t this the same country that wants to market itself as 100% Pure ?

Answer: Yes, that very one             NZ


Question : Has the Government actually thought this through ?

Answer:  We doubt it. Treasury claims to have done no analysis. And none of the degree of feeling about mining has been considered . And actually none of the public submissions have altered the draft .


Question : Does the Government actually have any control over the oil even if it finds it ?

Answer: No, its expensive to find, and so private companies take the risk and reap any rewards and the country just hopes like crazy that Petrobras has a better safety record than companies such as BP in the Gulf. Even though there is no proof of that of course.


Question: Does the strategy do anything to reduce NZ’s dependence on carbon

Answer : Quite the opposite. The aim is to get more oil and coal on to the export balance sheet .The goal of reducing the country’s energy intensity by 1.2% a year over the next 20 years is laughable when compared to other countries .The EU goal is to achieve savings of 9% a year by 2016 and China in its latest 5 year plan has a plan to reduce its energy intensity by 17% by 2015


Question : So how does this make you feel to be a New Zealander ?
Answer: Sick at heart and ashamed of the Government .

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