Promoting the Veg Lifestyle

“Environmentally, meat amazingly causes more emissions than all of transportation combined. Cars, trains, planes, buses, boats – all of them.” –Graham Hill Founder of 

No doubt that being a vegetarian or vegan is one of the best environmental moves you can make, but it’s a choice not always glamorized in the press. Vegetarianism is often lauded as the dietary choice of…excuse me…pussies, with vegetarians regularly depicted as skinny, geeky, weak and extremely pale. 

vegan mainstream Enter Vegan Mainstream, a vegan marketing company, who’s goal is to “fill the gap between the country’s conventional marketplace and billion dollar vegan and vegetarian industries,” and hopefully give the vegetarian image a much needed facelift. 

 “Our main focus is helping vegan/veg businesses break into the mainstream,” said Vegan Mainstream founder and dedicated vegan, Stephanie Redcross. “I think the mainstream is already catching on, so there's really no better time to be part of the vegan movement. We want to encourage every business to have a vegan option. Then, we as vegans, must support and educate these businesses, so they understand the importance of shifting to products that help our community and the planet.” 

Vegan Mainstream's clients include renowned book authors, bloggers, natural skin care companies and vegan bakeries. To these distinguished clients Vegan Mainstream offers improved web traffic; Twitter campaigns; identification of new customers; and so called “PR mastery.” (That must include something bad ass since it’s not defined…)  

Whatever Vegan Mainstream is up to behind the digital walls of their website I wish them much speed promoting the vegetarian lifestyle so people stop asking me the same freakin “vegetarian questions” every time I go out. And as far as changing that scrawny vegan image?

Right now, visit Vegan Mainstreams website to read an interview with Robert Cheeke - vegan, body builder, author, and owner of Vegan Bodybuilding and Fitness.

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