Post Doha Despair : What is it We have to Do ?

Vicki B

That’s your question for the holiday break. Or now if you have the answer.

question mark We know that climate change never ranks right up there with the urgency of getting that Christmas gift done or sorting out the contents of the inbox, and we know that the consequences for all are potentially catastrophic.

You know the impact. You know you can see the impact of increasingly frequent extreme weather events, and tropical storms made wider and bigger by climate change. You can watch it on the news every week . You see the devastation.

But it’s too big for us. Maybe someone else will solve it ? It’s such a bugger that they’re not . It would be lovely to think that Doha or the next one would have got it nailed .

climate disaster Uh, sorry . no such luck .

And we know that the psychology of this sort of thing is that it’s too big and too out of control for us to like spending time in. The essay that’s due, the shift that needs working, the help with the kid’s homework, or the job that needs finishing all provide us a with a sense of control over our lives . it’s a sense that we need and value and the topic of climate change certainly provides no such sense of control. Quite the opposite actually.

So if we pretend that its not happening or that someone else will sort it then we can get on with the things over which we do exert some control – and that is seriously reassuring. But, much as we’d love to ignore it ,or hope that someone else will fix it it’s not going away and governments are clearly not sorting out solutions.

climate disaster So here’s the thing . This is a call to you all .

There is a huge number of relatively sane people in the world who don’t like Hurricane Sandy or the next one, who don’t want to see millions of people in Pakistan, Sri Lanka lose their livelihoods, who don’t like heatwaves, or draughts in Texas, who know that the world’s food supply is going to be severely impacted and that whole countries are going to become climate refugees) can do . They are not profiting from oil sands, or fracking, or mining coal , and they want to do something. Sometimes anything .

What is it ?

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