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Sara Lynch


Hi Celsias, 

planters1 I must say, I love the interactive, do little things each day, component of your website. It's amazingly practical and refreshing.

This made me think that you might be interested in my line of plant friendly sculptures, Plant Pets. I was inspired to start Plant Pets after seeing many cute growing kits that weren't designed with the needs of plants in mind and functional kits that aren't very interesting to look at. I make Plant Pets from low fired red clay or earthenware that, although sturdy, retains it's porosity.

I am an artist who has worked with children for many years. I  often saw very cuteplanters grow kits given as birthday and Easter presents. The pots were shaped like fun animals but they were too small, made of plastic or glazed ceramics, and often had no drainage holes. Both of these materials are bad for plants and drainage holes are essential. One of my specialties happens to be animal shaped ceramics. I   focused mainly on custom porcelain functional sculptures but I  knew I  needed to make better planters than the ones currently on the market.

I went to an artist residency in Rosendale NY to research the clays and glazes that are traditionally used for planters. After exploding an entire kiln load and cracking a variety of pieces I finally got it figured out, so returned home and got to work on starting Plant Pets.


planters Plant Pets is a line of artful animal shaped planters. They are designed with plant health and in turn your health in mind. The aim of Plant Pets is that you will be able to grow fresh food in your home using a piece of art that you can proudly display.


Plant Pets are made from low fired red clay or earthenware that is fired to a low temperature. It is sturdy yet it retains its porosity. This porosity allows oxygen into the roots and prevents water from building up and causing root rot. The animal shapes are funny and great for children and adults alike. I think the best time to get children interested in growing their own food then when they are young. The wonders of how a seed can go from something tiny and dry to a green plant that we can eat are incredible!


Sara Lynch

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