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Introducing Pipistel’s all electric plane The Panthera. Not to be confused with the band Pantera.  Beside for minor problems with the name this plane might be the coolest little electric hot rod since the Tesla.

The Panthera comes in three models: a fuel-efficient gasoline model with an engine that consumes 40% less fuel than standard engines, a hybrid model, or the electric model.

panthera The 4-seater electric planes range is only 215 miles versus the gas engines 1,150. But do not worry, for those wary of flying in an electric airplane the plane come equipped with a high-speed full air-frame parachute system so the entire aircraft and your person are delivered back to earth safely.

The propeller and exhaust have been designed to produce minimum noise, so the plane creates less noise pollution as well.  For those who like all things posh it also boasts touch screen aviation instruments and sport scar like seats.   

Pipistrel, developed the first electric two-seater back in 2007.  Pipistrel CEO Ivo Boscarol voiced his excitement at the Panthera’s release, “Panthera will shake the World of General Aviation, setting the benchmark for efficiency, cabin comfort and safety for others to follow. Hybrid and Electric aircraft are the future of aviation with Panthera being the best airframe to demonstrate the potential of this technology.”

We shall see…

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