A Picnic for Earth Day


As Earth Day nears, we all need to take stock of how everything we do has an effect on our planet. 


picnic At The Nature Conservancy, we’re celebrating Earth Day with Picnic for Earth, a party in honor of the planet on which we live, the food it provides and the people we with whom we share it. By 2050, we’ll have 2 billion more people on the planet and it will take twice as much food to feed us!


The Nature Conservancy is using Picnic for Earth as a way of generating awareness around the great need for sustainable food systems—and the importance of protecting the natural sources of our food.


Throughout the month of April, and culminating on and around Earth Day 2013 (Aprilpicnic 22), people all around the world will be enjoying good food, sustainably sourced in the company of great friends in honor of Picnic for Earth. They can participate by attending a Picnic for Earth event in their area, hosting a Picnic event if there isn’t one set up nearby, or by simply going outside with friends to enjoy a private picnic. They can share photos of their celebration through Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook.


“Picnic” is a part of The Conservancy’s global All Hands on Earth campaign that asks people all over the world “What will you do for Earth?” The All Hands campaign aims to raise $20 million, and generate 20 million acts for Earth, over the next 3 years. Please join us in promoting All Hands by first raising awareness of Picnic for Earth. In return for you help, we’ll count you as a supporter of the campaign, and will consider promotion of your blog to our social community through our social media.



 Picnic pictures from earthday.nature.org



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