One Third of Republicans Vote to Finish the War in Libya that Makes No Sense

Celsias Team

The war in Libya has never made sense from any point of view. And it’s interesting to see that Republicans in Congress are starting to think that it makes no sense either.

libya Seldom known as the peaceniks of the world, Republicans may just be seeking to make political capital out of a war that Obama has willingly pursued rather than inherited.

The vote in the Congress where 87 Republicans voted to support Ohio Democrat Rep.Dennis Kucinich’s anti-war resolution is fascinating. This is a big bloc of Republicans to vote anti-war. Any war! This is the Party that has felt for many years it’s okay to invade others if  US  interests were seen to be at stake. So to have a third of that party vote against a war is extremely unusual, especially as their NATO allies are  up to their necks in this war. But this war, like other recent wars, is

 going on the country’s Visa card. It's not pay as you go , because the US is in such debt it is now fighting wars that get to be paid by future generations.

 The party still has very hawkish sentiments running through its bloodstream but there is an increasing realisation that wars are seldom all over in a few weeks and this one runs a serious risk of prolonged inaction , and in fact turning Gaddafi into something of a martyr- especially when they targeted and killed his son.libya oil

Congress may also be frustrated and annoyed that they have had no say in this war, which is in itself a complete indictment of the process .

 A moderately large oil exporter, Libya nonetheless is unlikely to warrant invasion from a strategic viewpoint . It is the world’s 17th largest exporter of oil.

They hate Gadaffi. True, but again, not enough.

 Gaddafi doesn’t have a lot of friends, so NATO could probably get away with it here ?Maybe true but still not enough.

Seems highly implausible that the stated reason of protecting civilian populations will be the real reason when clearly the Government of Zimbabwe was, and Syria and Yemen ( and Saudi Arabia ) are doing very similar things and there is no such reprisal.

One would have thought that the US would have carefully checked out who they were supporting by way of the “rebels”. If that has happened it has been kept very quiet.

Libya is well positioned to be at the centre of a very turbulent North Africa/Middle East. True, but again, insufficient.

Libya has water to be able to feed its population and surrounding populations for a long time. True that this will become perhaps more pivotal in the Middle East than oil...but given that its weighty and hard to export and US politicians are always going to be most concerned for the voting population back home, hard to see that that's the reason.libya water

Hard to see even how it's tied up with the strategic and political importance that the uS has traditionally placed on Israel’s place in the Middle East , at a time when Istrael could feel very threatened indeed by all its neighbors as they seek to throw off the shackles of harsh rulers who have ruled for decades.

So again , this war makes no sense . It simply does not compute.


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