Obama Take 2- Will He Really Deal With Climate Change ?


The inaugural address has won wide praise for making climate change a second-term priority... but do we yet feel that we can breathe out and have confidence in any government to achieve this.

obama The United States has shown dismal leadership in the area of climate change but Obama could actually look to bypass Congress and create his action on climate change through regulations and executive action.

But he did make it central in his speech, having failed to mention it all campaign and Joe Biden has also promised action .

 Much of what he wanted to achieve under the  failed 2009 cap-and-trade legislation through regulation could be derived from powers under  the Clean Air Act and a 2007 Supreme Court decision applying it to carbon emissions.

So it may be conceivable that he could limit coal fired electric plants or fracking .two

Dare we even start to hope that we may see action on the Keystone XL pipeline?
Can we actually dare to dream again that there is a possibility that Government may actually act on the biggest economic and social threat of our time ?

Or have we gotten so used to having our expectations smashed that we dare not contemplate those possibilities ?

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Mark L. 10°

Yes obama can deal With Climate Change, its not a big thing for him.

Written in January 2013

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