A New Economical Food Model


The ‘home bistro’ is born. Another step in the direction of a differently organized society.

CasaMeals.com: a brand-new social platform - offering an even newer concept - aims at hobby cooks of homemade meals.

CasaMeals.com will launch a home-made meals platform. It is the first, global C2C (Consumer-to- Consumer) bistro platform. Thanks to CasaMeals, people can not only eat meals prepared with love’ but they can also enjoy the heart-warming welcome by hobby cooks in their neighborhood. 

This new food concept benefits community members in multiple ways: it is an alternative to expensive restaurants,junk-food or choice-limited take-aways. It is also a ‘social’ place to learn and to share cooking skills, to meet new people and to make some money doing what one loves most. < >

There are 3 possible ways of enjoying these home-made meals: Dine-in: people eating at each other’s place. Take-away: ‘come and get it’ and Home Delivery: delivered to your door. 

food The menu choice is virtually unlimited. From fresh tapas, soups or original birthday cakes up to 5 stars culinary meals. CasaMeals.com celebrates the hidden cooking skills, passion and creativity that takes place in home kitchens all over the globe. 

The buyer liaises directly with the Home Bistro: there is no middle-man. In fact, members are buying directly from each other!

The aim is to open more than 100,000 home bistros, which would make this dynamic community bigger than the sum of the world’s 4 biggest restaurant chains combined.  

CasaMeals is organizing a Crowdfunding Campaign. Contributors are awarded with extras. More on www.indiegogo.com/casameals 


CasaMeals is an initiative by GiGRUSH.org,  a non-profit foundation focused on creating new concepts that make the world a better place.

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Written in November 2012

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