Natural Capitalism: a Brief Bio

In the 1990s, natural capitalism emerged as "... a coherent theory of how to exploit market systems and mechanisms of neoclassical economics to save energy, discourage waste, mimic ecology (biomimicry), and in general to support the goals of environmentalism."

Soon after the term was coined a book titled Natural Capitalism: Creating the Next Industrial Revolution, came out. The authors predicted that, rather than exploiting vast resources with labor-saving technology as the original Industrial Revolution did, the next industrial revolution will require innovative solutions to a shortage of resources for a growing population.

L. Hunter Lovins, co-author of the book, talks about this concept:

The Rocky Mountain Institute, a non-profit organization founded by Hunter and Amory Lovins in Colorado, publishes resources like home energy briefs, resources to help individuals exploit their available energy in new ways. The Maharishi University of Management in Iowa offers an MBA in Sustainability with a focus on natural capitalism, with courses like "Managing for Sustainability," "Sustainable Continuous Improvement" and "Natural Law-Based Leadership."

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