Media Fails to Inspire Climate Change



Vital messages about climate justice and climate responsibility are not being communicated to the public, according to Australian independent film production company Green Turtle Films. To address this deficit, GT Films are this week launching a ‘crowd funding’ campaign to complete a documentary called 2 Degrees, which depicts two epic struggles in the fight against climate change: stopping deforestation and the burning of fossil fuels.


indie image “We’ve been fully focused on the area of climate change communication for four years now and it’s clear to us that the concept of climate justice has not been adequately explained”, says Producer Ange Palmer. Basically, it is unjust when we take for granted our development in the rich world, involving massive carbon pollution, and exclude any shred of wellbeing for the poorest people on Earth. This was clearly evident when we visited the Democratic Republic of Congo”.


The term climate justice is used to explain a range of ethical concerns in the climate change arena. Ms Palmer says it is important that people understand these concepts as this knowledge helps to elicit positive responses to the challenge of climate change on an individual level, and consequent actions to address the issue.


“Climate change feels huge and overwhelming for many people. Research into communicating climate change teaches us to appeal to people’s intrinsic values such as health, equality and stewardship. But the media often use an information-driven approach, rather than an audience-centric one. Its not helpful.”


Green Turtle Films is launching a crowd funding campaign this week to begin editing2 degrees their documentary film that focuses on climate justice. Titled 2 Degrees, filming commenced in 2008. GT Films is aiming to raise $200,000 to complete the film.


The film title refers to the generally accepted premise that we need to keep the global temperature rise to less than 2 degrees Celsius to avoid runaway climate change. The rise is currently 0.8 degrees,C, and we are already locked in to a rise of at least 1.5 degrees C as a result of our failure to reduce emissions in the past.   


“The recent round of UN climate change negotiations in Doha is a reminder that most industrialised Governments, including Australia, will not become part of the solution without massive public pressure” said Producer Jeff Canin.  “Our film is aiming to ignite the public to demand such change”. 




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