Living Christmas Trees, Delivered and Replanted for Free


Christmas trees are considered an integral part of the festive season for many, but most vendors sell trees that have already been cut down, meaning that by the time they reach peoples’ living rooms the decomposition process is well underway. Local authorities in Paris have already made an effort to make the industry more sustainable by crushing and replanting the trees as fertilizer in public locations, but our latest spotting is encouraging consumers in Austria to purchase a Living Christmas Tree that can be picked up and replanted after the season is over.

livingxmastree The service is offered by eco landscaping company Green Rabbit, who promise to deliver their Christmas trees for free to those living in Vienna and beyond. The trees are Nordmann firs, cultivated in sustainable nurseries, and are delivered in a pot. When Christmas has ended, the customer can either choose to plant the tree again if they can, or Green Rabbit will collect it to be replanted elsewhere. Those who choose to keep it are offered a guide on how to care for the tree. Trees ranging from 80 cm to 150 cm in height are available, priced between EUR 49 and EUR 72.

Green Rabbit’s Living Christmas trees could ensure that – however stressful the festive season is – consumers can have peace of mind that they are not damaging the environment. How else can the holidays be made more sustainable?

 This article is from Springwise 

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