Libyan Invasion- Does Not Compute !

Vicki Buck

There is so much about the Western military involvement in Libya that just does not stack up! 
Saudi Arabia has troops in Bahrain, getting rid of protestors by severe means, even though those protests have been peaceful. No comment from the West. That apparently is okay.
In Zimbabwe for years and years we have seen the sheer brutality of a local hero turned complete nutcase in Mugabe, and no real involvement from the West. Now in Syria and Yemen protesters are being killed.
In Libya there are major protests against the government, as there are in many other countries in the Middle East.And their leader seems to have been hated, then embraced and now hated again by the West.
map of libya
And very speedily  the West( well , some of them)  join forces to tell Gaddafi to stop killing his people.They are of course absolutely right that noone in power has the right to kill their citizens ( or others actually ) but where did this new found concern for protesters come from.
The US and the West were equivocal about Egypt for days, although we can be sure that they were in the back rooms talking.And they have ignored impassioned pleas for involvement where despotic regimes have killed people. But in Libya the action was fast and furious. We didn't even get the pretence of weapons of mass destruction that we saw in Iraq.They say that Gaddafi has to go and yet a no fly zone may simply ensure prolonged civil war if he stays in Tripoli and the country is divided.
Nato has now taken control of this group of countries bombing Libya. The US no longer seems to want to be seen as the lead aggressor. The US's involvement in these campaigns has been painful and prolonged. But how will they avoid the terrible damage and carnage of other such campaigns?
Do the million civilians killed in Iraq leave no lasting imprint on the West's conscience? Is it really about avoiding the monstrosities of the Gaddafi regime? And why does that concern seem to start and end with Libya? Not Syria? Not Yemen?
We can too sadly know that there will be civilian deaths , that bombs will accidentally kill children,women and men going about their business. We can too easily predict that Libya , which is one of the wealthiest countries in Africa will have its infrastructure destroyed.

bombing in libya

And if , and its a big IF, the Nato group destroy Gaddafi will they rebuild the country and take the oil? What's the chances that Halliburton will be in there for the contracts? We wish it was simply a matter of doing good, and applying some of the doctrines of international law. But the application of those doctrines seem to be very selective. We're willing to bet that no matter how many people are killed by the regime in Syria or Yemen that Nato will not intervene.

Nothing suggests to us that the invasion of Libya is about standing up for the rights of the protestors. What will happen when Libya has its own elections and happens to elect people or parties that do not have the interests of the US and Europe at heart? Do we remember Palestine? 

Cynical we may be , but it's very hard indeed to believe for a moment that this is a generous humanitarian gesture. Mainly because no such intervention has ever happened in countries who have had leaders even worse than Gaddafi. Mugabe has killed and starved people , brutally and horribly, for years and has brought Zimbabwe to ruin. Any intervention ? 

There is clearly something that the West see they want in Libya.

Its not democracy , we fear, given that they have supported Gaddafi for the last few years and also many other dictatorial regimes in the Middle East. Bets on it has to do with the geographic position of Libya, close to Europe, and sitting in the middle of a troubled region and the fact that this sparsely populated country exports oil at 1.2 million barrels per day. The next Western base at the top of Africa? 

Here's the hard bit . There was such hope in the world when Obama was elected that the cynical self interested aggressor actions of the Bush era were well and truly behind us. That dream has been shattered. But the other hope was that as the West acted aggressively in the middle East and nearby it would have learned that while the might of the military made the initial invasions seem easy, the getting out was hugely difficult and the unintended consequences were often huge.

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This can be justified by international precedent as perhaps in Rwanda. But this one does look like they could go and create a base for themselves in Libya because Gaddafi has no friends. I think he will fight long and hard , and there will be many deaths come from this,but I can see both arguments.I agree though that I dont know how they get out of there , and is their mission actually to depose Gaddafi or to protect the protesters.How far towards Tripoli do they go - they seem to be headed all the way

Written in March 2011

William H. Depperman (anonymous)

“FACEBOOK” Social Networking is Just a Cover For Spy Work, Internet Censorship and Proxy-Invasion Organizing!

“Facebook” is actually part of the U.S. capitalist dictatorship's media and its misnamed, so-called “intelligence community” and is playing a crucial role in the Final Stage of Capitalism, Permanent War and State Terrorism. Here is how they work it: The U.S. capitalist dictatorship uses “FACEBOOK” to organize the opposition in countries targeted for a coup d’etat takeover or regime change. Usually this is a small opposition which supports the U.S. policies of wars and invasions. Note: it is a rule of capitalist statecraft to control and operate its own “opposition.” For example, the British “Riots” opposition leadership, which also uses “Facebook” to organize is run by British “intelligence,” which tries always to keep well-meaning militant people anti-Communist and away from even the idea of a Socialist Revolution and instead to steer them into confrontations and provocations in order to try to isolate and discredit them and create a pretext for a vastly hardened domestic bureaucratic, military police state. There are NO progressive forces anywhere which are permitted to use the U.S. “intelligence” organizing tool “Facebook!” In order to motivate them the U.S. makes all sorts of false promises to their proxy "protesters," “activists,” or “rebels” through “Facebook.” Most of these people the U.S. intends to discard as occurred in Egypt, after protestors’ demonstrations provided the pretext and muscle for a regime change. This is also occurring in Libya where the U.S. orchestrated the assassination of the “Rebel” leader Younis in order to provide the pretext to remove virtually all of the Islamic Fundamentalist “Rebel” leadership! In a simple regime change the political power is merely turned over to their puppet army, such as in Egypt, which dutifully promised to stage the sham elections of capitalism. In Syria the U.S. has used “Facebook” to gradually organize armed contingents operating alongside several hundred thousand unarmed opposition to get them to try to overthrow the Pro-Iran government, which also supports the progressive forces of Hezbollah and Hamas! If the U.S. is successful in its proxy invasion in Syria, the masses there will get nothing just like in Egypt, and Hamas and Hezbollah will be undermined, and Iran will be bombed by the U.S. or its Proxy, so-called “Israel!” In countries where the U.S. intends to carry out a proxy invasion and coup d’etat with an overthrow of the entire government, rather than just carry out a minor REGIME CHANGE, the U.S. uses “Facebook” to first organize and then arm a core “Rebel” army of PRO-U.S. FANATICS and actual TERRORISTS, a group WHICH IN LIBYA DOES NOT IN ANY WAY REPRESENT THE ACTUAL MAJORITY OPINION OF THE COUNTRY! The U.S. then instructs their armed domestic proxies to attack their own government forces. When the targeted government fights back and kills the domestic U.S. proxies the U.S.-led media and FACEBOOK and TWITTER, etc. all falsely trumpet: “He’s killing his own people!” “The protests have escalated into a civil war!” This is followed by escalation of the “Weapons of Mass Destruction” Bush-style Big Lie “Preventive War” Campaign, which claims that Libya and Syria, Yemen, etc. are all “targeting innocent civilians and using anti-personnel cluster bombs, etc.” The truth is that Libya, for example, is defending itself against only a small and numerically insignificant but HIGHLY ORGANIZED group of so-called “protesters”/“rebels”/“activists” armed directly by the U.S./NATO and backed by TOTAL AIR SUPREMACY of U.S./NATO and supported by a false media propaganda barrage backed up by their fraudulent, so-called “human rights groups,” which are also just part of the U.S. “intelligence community.” Note that neither Libya nor Syria even POSSESS actual anti-personnel weapons, which are the EXCLUSIVE PROVINCE of the U.S./NATO and the U.S. PROXY STATE, so-called “ISRAEL!” After threatening and bribing the Russian Federation (!) and the Peoples’ Republic of China (!) and whomever else was necessary such as half of the scurrilous “Arab League,” the U.S. capitalist dictatorship then announces a “No-Fly Zone” to begin their proxy invasion and attempted coup d’etat! Examples are Libya and now Syria, where the capitalists, pending success of their provocations, have threatened to begin an air war momentarily. Russia and China, Brazil, South Africa and India temporarily resisted a U.N. resolution “condemning Syria” for crushing the U.S.-organized Proxy Invasion and coup d’etat attempt, but then gave the U.N. the Green Light on August 3, 2011! The U.S. then imposed its maximal economic sanctions, froze all Syrian financial accounts, while its U.N. puppet hypocritically recommended that the Syrian leadership should be referred to the International Criminal Court (to which the U.S. is NOT subject by Bush Decree!) for “crimes against humanity” as the U.S. Proxy War against Syria proceeded on schedule! On December 15, 2010 just prior to unleashing the new era of “Facebook”-Assisted Proxy Invasion, TIME magazine made the kid-CEO of “FACEBOOK,” who is documented to have illegally stolen the idea for “Facebook” from 2 brothers and an Indian man, the so-called "Man of the Year." (!) What a farce!

“FACEBOOK” is also used to SPY ON, MONITOR and CENSOR the Internet AND CAN REMOVE ARTICLES COMPLETELY by proscribed (usually Communist) authors from any website which has the “Facebook” link! “Facebook” is connected to virtually ALL websites on the Internet now and their servers know instantly when a person is on any of these sites whether a person logs on using “Facebook” or not! Facebook can and does prevent these websites from accepting ANY blog submission by identified Communist activists. One way the U.S. capitalist dictatorship blocks submissions is to continually force bloggers to re-register, falsely claim non-recognition of passwords and not permit the blogger to use his/her actual name. Those few websites which do still permit blog entries also have several techniques in order to neutralize any post! One method is to severely limit the number of words submitted in order to render meaningless any comments made such as on the, BBC or RT. Other new techniques have been to change the size and the fonts of the blog post and separate the words with huge gaps and multiple lines so that nobody would go near it! This is done UNIFORMLY on a significant number of websites. Google assists the “intelligence community” by slowing up bloggers with yet another new technique by constantly throwing people back to page 1 of Google after they exit websites on subsequent pages! And changes always occur simultaneously on multiple websites as evidence that the capitalist dictatorship controls the entire Internet to a much greater degree but in much more sophisticated ways than China or any other country! Yahoo and numerous other highly censored websites all controlled by the United States or its vassals have also periodically blocked this writer and others from making any comments whatsoever on any topic! Also, most recent entries are NEVER shown. In addition, in order to falsely discredit the enemies of capitalism and to help permanently blacklist them from all employment, the so-called U.S. “intelligence community” creates entirely phony “Google” search files with individual’s names where the capitalist dictatorship makes totally bizarre, outrageously false accusations against Communists usually and others with literally hundreds of fabricated entries. These phony Google search sites also publish virtually no actual writings or viewpoints of the targeted individuals and even issue open death threats in order to frighten and thoroughly scare any people who might research those individuals! This is an example of hypocritical, phony U.S. Internet “freedom!” In addition, so-called “Facebook” will no longer even post ANY of the writings by this author, for example, which “Facebook” was previously so very eager to post and has ENTIRELY DELETED The Materialist Analysis of Theoretical Astrophysics the most important document published on theoretical astrophysics since Hubble’s observation that the Universe was expanding, from this writer’s “profile” and now from ALL websites on the Internet connected to “Facebook,” because the word has caught on with young physics students and others that they are being manipulated and fed a load of rubbish for political/religious reasons that have NOTHING WHATSOEVER to do with science and physics and that there is in fact NO “dark energy,” NO “dark matter,” NO “parallel universes,” NO “worm holes” and NO “god” and that so-called “String and M-Theory” are being used to try to SUPPLANT Einstein Relativity and Quantum Mechanics by cleverly using the names of “Einstein” and other classical physicists to make innocent students believe that what they are being peddled is simply a “natural continuation” of Einstein’s work (!) to carry out their switcheroo! “Social networking” is thus only a cover for Faceboook and Twitter, etc! Facebook is part of the U.S. “intelligence community” and is thus a partner in mass murder and disinformation and Big Lie Orwellian 1984 “Newspeak” with Obama and NATO! This is why “Facebook” is so pumped up by the regular media to popularize it! Facebook is TOTAL DECEPTION so do not be deceived by all the ballyhoo accorded to this new “Facebook” weapon of capitalism-imperialism! NEVER ever connect with “Facebook” or ANY other social networking sites and cut all your support for them and suggest that your friends do likewise. “Facebook” deliberately assists the U.S. capitalist dictatorship in all of its policies and helps organize proxy invasions! U.S. policies now include deliberately sabotaging the U.S. economy by refusing to TAX ALL INCOME and by imposing Domestic Economic Sanctions called “Budget Deals” against its OWN people, designed to impoverish the U.S. population to be in accordance with Globalism/Globalization. Globalism is defined as worldwide competition among the capitalist exploiters and parasites for the lowest salaried workers. Note that “Tax the Rich” is the wrong slogan deliberately chosen because all it means is to tax more of the paltry $106,800 taxable wage base, while leaving the $ millions and $ billions free from all taxes! The “Budge Deal” is thus also a Penalty imposed on the Working Class for not having Communist leadership and for agreeing to be the slaves of the capitalists! “Twitter” on the other hand is a micro-blogging website limited to 140 letters only (!) which is designed to keep the masses distracted and to discourage any real thinking and analysis while encouraging people to believe it is quite normal to relegate themselves to a minor Peanut Gallery role titillated by various celebrity nonsense tidbits. The U.S. is presently using proxy invasions in one country after another and simultaneously ALSO waging a genuine war of extermination and population reduction against its own population, ITS OWN PEOPLE (!), through a campaign of DELIBERATE ECONOMIC SABOTAGE of the U.S. and world economy, biological warfare and psychological warfare! The U.S. capitalist dictatorship has now lost all legitimacy to rule and all right to sovereignty here in the United States! OR ANYWHERE ELSE IN THE WORLD! Capitalism Offers a World with No Future for You and Your Children! 95% of New Yorkers already agree we need a new system based on human need not private profit! That is Socialism! Only Socialism can provide a system with jobs, complete security and no wars! We need to organize a Socialist Revolution here in the United States!

William H. Depperman, Coordinator
United Front Against Racism
And Capitalism-Imperialism
New York, N.Y. Revised September 10, 2011

Written in September 2011

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