Lessons on the Highway

Route 80 is an amazing American road. It stretches from New York City and the Atlantic ocean to San Francisco and the Pacific. I had the pleasure of traveling on this American road (our second longest) for 15 hours from New York to Iowa. Countless trucks. And two enduring images.  

First: An eighteen wheeler carrying a wind turbine blade. The blade curves gently over the length of the truck. Its huge length means it'll produce more energy than anyone thought possible with wind ten years ago. Energy with no greenhouse gases and no contribution to climate crisis. 

18 wheeler Second: An eighteen wheeler carrying a massive tiller. Dragged across farms soil to kill weeds and prepare for planting. As the metal tears open the soil, carbon in the soil reacts with oxygen in the air and is released as carbon dioxide. When farmers spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on plows like this, they must farm huge fields of commodities to pay of their debt, growing high fructose corn syrup.  

They have no incentive to add compost to their soil or build their soil by growing winter cover crops. This kind of farming, produces about one fifth of greenhouse gas emissions.  

When we reach peak oil in 2014, which type of truck will be likely to see??

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Henk Campher (anonymous)

For a moment there I got exited when I read about the wind turbine on the truck. But I see what you mean. Come to think of it - how much drag will a small blade on a truck have? I take it trucks already have a huge drag so there might not be much additional drag. Would it be economical to have a small turbine on a truck linked to a battery (or something) to capture the energy generated? A long trip like the one you where on might generate some energy that can offset the fuel use. And with the thousands of trucks on the road it might be meangingful. Or am I completely off on this one? Hey, I never said I was smart...

Written in April 2010

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Written in April 2010

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