Leasing the Sun

Thanks to a new TXU Energy and SolarCity partnership residents of Dallas, Texas will soon have the option to lease a photovoltaic solar array to offset high-energy cost. Similar programs are in place around the world, but in Texas where sprawling suburbs are common and air conditioning in the summer means sky rocketing fuel costs the potential savings for consumers could be astronomical. 

TXU energy After tax incentives the average owner of a three to four bedroom house can expect to pay 35 dollars a month in energy costs. $35 is a far cry from the $26,000 it could cost to buy the same solar system outright.

As the owners of the solar arrays SolarCity will be responsible for all maintenance.

“Our vision is to supply solar power to millions of homes and businesses,” said Lyndon Rive, SolarCity’s chief executive. “The only way to achieve this is by partnering with companies that are providing power today. If we can partner with energy providers, adoption will happen much faster.” 

Mr. Rive also believes that because of Texas’ abundant sunshine and high air-conditioning costs the state could become one of the largest solar markets in the United States in the next five years. 

Initially only 400 homes will be involved in the pilot program do to a rebate program offered by Oncor, a company operating some of Texas’s utility infrastructure.

Other companies working on solar leasing programs currently include: Citizenre Corporation, CT Solar Lease, and freEner-g.

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