Lake Vostok -15 Million Year Secret Still a Secret

Vicki Buck


The anticipation and the excitement of touching the 15 million year old secrets of Lake Vostok in Antarctica has eluded the Russian scientists for another season .Only tens of metres away , the season has finished and they need to wait til the new Summer season in December .

Drilling has stopped at the 5G( deep ice borehole) of the famous sub glacial Antactic lake Vostok .    
At the moment the borehole is 3720.47 meters deep. Several tens of meters are left between scientists and probably the most desirable object in the Antarctic. Previous drilling session started earlier this year and lasted for 29 days, during which researches moved from 3650 meters to 3720 meters.
Drilling activities are scheduled to resume in December 2011. 

No-one actually knows what is waiting for them there, so the world holds it breath. It has been isolated from the world by 4 km of ice cap. This ice may have sealed the lake and made it an ecosystem that is completely independent of anything else.

So the Russian scientists are likely to find life forms never seen before.

The subglacial lake was only discovered in 1996 after satellite imagery confirmed its existence.The subglacial lake is one of the largest lakes in the world, so the excitement at Vostok is high. It is about the size of Lake Ontario. 

So the secrets remain secrets for another Winter.

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  • Posted on Feb. 18, 2011.

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