JetPack Rating System: The Ford Airstream Concept

I once again present the JetPack Rating System™, my weekly effort to help humanity cope with its collective disappointment over the broken promise of personal jetpacks, the Sean Connery-era James Bond standard of cool.

To recap, the JetPack Rating System™ is used to not only begin the healing process, but also for rating automobiles and buildings by a duel criteria: 1. How environmentally-friendly are they? 2. What would James Bond think of them?

Today, we JetPack the Ford Airstream Concept.

Hydro Kevin at Hydrogen Cars sez:

The Ford Airstream Concept was built with a HySeries Drive system that runs on electricity only from its 336-volt lithium-ion battery pack for the first 25 miles. After that, the hydrogen fuel cell recharges the battery pack, which in turns delivers power to the electric motors for an additional 280 miles, making the vehicle's total range 305 miles - not bad for leading edge combined technology....

While the outside of the Ford Airstream is an amalgamation of two real world travel icons, the inside design is based upon Stanley Kubrick's movie, 2001: A Space Odyssey. Passengers ease into the asymmetrical doors of the Ford Airstream, which also has a hatchback in the rear to complete the crossover concept. The rear setting area of the Ford Airstream has a lounge atmosphere, decked out in cosmic red and white with a cocoon feel. The focal point in the back is a 360-degree screen for entertainment, games or live camera feed. The screen also offers ambient mood settings such as a virtual fire or a lava lamp.

Upfront, the driver and passenger can both swivel in captain's chairs and the passenger can watch DVD's or post mobile blogs. The driver in the Ford Airstream Concept can view a floating instrument panel with touch sensitive controls that offers all of the important information necessary when driving the vehicle. The Sharp dual-view screen centrally mounted provides the driver with a camera view and secondary information about the vehicle's operation. - Hydrogen Cars Now

The JetPack Rating System™ sez:
2001: A Space Odyssey? 007 had a bad experience with that movie. James saw it when it was originally released in 1968 and believes that some double-agent who was working as a snack vendor slipped him something that went king-hell on his brain, causing him to spend the entire 2.5 hours staring at the ceiling which he swears was melting on that day. A word of advice from Bond; don't eat the brown popcorn.

James appreciates that double agent Hydro Kevin took the time to detail the very important rear section of the vehicle. Cosmic red and white...praying that we're talking crushed velvet here...007's experience says that the ladies like crushed velvet. A bit concerned about the cocoon feel. Not sure if Hydro Kevin is saying that the passenger gets wrapped up and emerges some time later as a butterfly, or if it's a reference to Cocoon, the 1985 film with Don Ameche. Problematic due to the fact that - as you can see by the photo - Don Ameche is a handsome fellow who would need to receive some of 007's well-placed karate chops with a stern reminder to leave the ladies to Bond, James Bond. Not too pleased with the Ford Airstream at this time.

But wait...there's the mention of a lounge atmosphere?!? Could we be talking about the possibility of on-board martinis? Shaken, not stirred? And of course the idea that the driver's seat can swivel adds another element of danger which James appreciates when driving.Our secret agent has been faced with a dilemma:

Don Ameche?

The martinis?

Don Ameche?

The martinis?

….the martinis win out. James ‘ s the Ford Airstream Concept.

JetPack Rating? 4 JetPacks (out of a possible 5)

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