Japanese Water Car Unveiled

Editor’s note: With this post we welcome Shom Teoh to the Celsias writing team. Shom is from Malaysia and currently lives in Kyoto, Japan where she is pursuing her MSc in Environmental Management at Kyoto University. Her specialty is Global Ecological Economics. She has also worked as a technology journalist and as a Communications Officer for UNDP Malaysia's Energy and Environment Division. Shom starts us out with news of some new, clean car technology out of Japan. Could this be the end of high oil prices? Genepax, a Japanese company, may have a breakthrough solution to global warming as it has just unveiled an eco-friendly car prototype that is claimed to run solely on any kind of water – even seawater or tea! With just one litre of water, the car is said to be able to run for up to an hour, at a speed of 80kmph.


Typical fuel cell vehicles take in hydrogen and emit water, but Genepax’s car generates electricity by breaking down water into hydrogen and oxygen.

The company says that this is made possible by a technology called ‘membrane electrode assembly (or MEA), which contains a material that is capable of breaking down water into hydrogen and oxygen through a chemical reaction.

"It does not require you to build up an infrastructure to recharge your batteries, which is usually the case for most electric cars," said Genepax’s CEO Kiyoshi Hirasawa on Tokyo TV. According to the company, the system alone costs about ¥2,000,000 (roughly $18,000 U.S.) but if mass produced, the cost can be reduced to about $5,000 or less. Some people have reacted with disbelief and questioned the car’s legitimacy, claiming that the technology appears to violate the First Law of Thermodynamics. Genepax is reportedly in the midst of filing a patent for its groundbreaking technology. Without more in-depth details, we can’t say for sure if the car is too good to be true, but this will certainly be something worth watching for in the coming months.

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Aqeel (anonymous)

May God bless on that person who gave this idea! very good adventure. Keep it up continues ....:)

Written in July 2008

Frank Fulco (anonymous)

This is exactly what I want put me on your list of buyers.
Frank Fulco Sr.
623 Tuscan View
Elgin Il.

Written in August 2008

Engineering Guy (anonymous)

It's a hoax. it either has to use electricity or some chemical, water alone is impossible to fuel anything.

Written in August 2008

Dan Brady (anonymous)

'Popular mechanics' reviewed this and called it "rubbish":

"Problem: It takes exactly the same amount of energy to pry those hydrogen and oxygen atoms apart inside the electrolysis cell as you get back when they recombine inside the fuel cell. The laws of thermodynamics haven’t changed, in spite of any hype you read on some blog or news aggregator. Subtract the losses to heat in the engine and alternator and electrolysis cell, and you’re losing energy, not gaining it—period. "

Written in August 2008

jerry bolduc (anonymous)

Dear Brady:

Popular Mechanics? Weren't they the people who agreed that the twin towers came down because of a kerosene fire? And weren't they the same people who couldn't understand why WTC 7 collapsed at free fall speed. I'd think twice before citing Popular Mechanics as being anything more than a propaganda tool for Big Oil, et al.

The gentleman in the clip said that there is NO EXTERNAL SOURCE OF POWER other than that extracted by a special membrane that breaks the water down into its' component hydrogen and oxygen molecules. AND it does this CHEMICALLY...not electrically! I wish people like you would get your story straight before you start making off the hip comments.

Nikola Tesla realized that one day we would attach "our machines to the limitless energy in the universe". Was he a kook too Brady? http://video.google.com.au/videoplay?docid=4773590301316220374

Another great learning experience for you can be found here:

You sound more like one of those "professors" that have flooded our colleges ... you don't have a clue about anything that is REALITY BASED!!!!

Written in September 2008

carwaterguide (anonymous)


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Written in September 2008

Khooper (anonymous)

A water powered car is something that we will definitely see within our own lifetime, and probably within the next few years. As gas prices keep rising, scientists and car manufacturers are eager to find alternate vehicles and <a href=http://www.autopartswarehouse.com/lp/0809/save-gas.html>alternative energy sources</a> that will keep shopper returning with their wallets.

Written in November 2008

Kate H.

A water powered car is something that we will definitely see within our own lifetime, and probably within the next few years. As gas prices keep rising, scientists and car manufacturers are eager to find alternate vehicles and [url=http://www.autopartswarehouse.com/lp/0809/save-gas.html]alternative energy sources[/url] that will keep shopper returning with their wallets.

Written in November 2008

Bill (anonymous)

A car was invented such as this,in the fiftys. A mechanic and Hughs. Oil companys blocked it.. Are we going to let this happen again?
By the way no need , to make car electric with battereys, can be done with out them..
Money Grubbers...
WSW. Soapbox Views (c) copywrite 1-1-08
My Opnion MSO.

Written in January 2009

Bill (anonymous)

Soapbox Views (c)copywrite 1-1-08 SVS. WSW.
today is
1-1-09 Happy New Year...

Written in January 2009

Diane Murray (anonymous)

What about cold climate areas

Written in May 2009

Ann (anonymous)

Water powered car was invented in about 2008 or so by an American in the Midwest. He was also in the process or mass producing it. By the same chemical process he also made welding torches etc. Then, the US military got interested and that was last I heard about it.

Written in June 2009

Bob (anonymous)

Stanley Myer was his name. I say "was" because he died mysteriously of food poisoning in 1998. It just happened to be a few months after the government talked to him about his technology. There's another guy in the US, Denny Klein that is developing h2o vehicles currently... Hope his life insurance is set up. As for me, my moneys on the Japanese to get it to market first.

Written in June 2009

Mark (anonymous)

Come on Japanese, you going to let an out side source stop you from giving the world what it needs??? (FYI the genepax site is down may be for good.)

Written in June 2009

Waterlilly (anonymous)

I'm betting on the Japanese. They have little or no petrol reserves to fall prey to the energy monopoly. I hope they make it. Someone has got to break through the energy monopoly! The light force be with us all!

Written in September 2009

Adam (anonymous)

A water-powered car is not feasible because of thermodynamics. Engineering Guy and Dan Brady are right.

For the rest of you... I suggest spending less time on your conspiracy theories and more time on learning basic science.

Written in December 2009

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