Is it a Rule for GOP politicians that they have to be this dumb?

Vicki Buck


What is it about our politicians that means that they have to be anti-science ? Is it part of the pledge they sign when they join the party that they would like to completely disregard any science of climate change, and make their own completely uninformed judgments about things that they would then like to inflict on us all?

Is it part of their strategy to counter the Tea Party -that they should appear to be even dumber ? 

Are they seriously being funded by big interests that simply want to confuse the public by questioning the reality of climate change in the same way as the tobacco interests held off the so-obvious reality that smoking is harmful?



Robert Benson at Alternet has put together a list of quotes from our politicians. They would be hugely funny if they weren't so sad and the implications so dire, not ( unfortunately) just for them but for us all. 

Benson says " More than half of the incoming Republican caucus denies the validity of climate change science. Some 74 percent of Republicans in the U.S. Senate now take that stance, as do 53 percent of GOP in the House. Here’s a sampler of what some of their leading illuminati have to say about it:sensenbrenner

“I personally believe that the solar flares are more responsible for climatic cycles than anything that human beings do. …” — Rep. Jim Sensenbrenner, Wisconsin

“Nobody really knows the cause. The earth cools, the earth warms … It could be caused by carbon dioxide or methane. Maybe we should kill the cows to stop the methane, or stop breathing to stop the CO2 … Thousands of people die every year of cold, so if we had global warming it would save lives … We ought to look out for people. The earth can take care of itself.” — Rep. Duncan Hunter, California

“There was a report a couple of weeks ago that in fact you look at this last year, it was the warmest year in the last decade, I think was the numbers that came out. I don’t — I accept that. I do not say that it is man-made.” — Rep. Fred Upton, Michigan

The greatest hoax ever perpetuated on the American people.” — Sen. James Inhofe, Oklahomainhofe

Rep. John Shimkus of Illinois says we need not worry about the planet being destroyed because, citing chapter 8, verse 22 of the Book of Genesis, God promised Noah it wouldn’t happen again after the great flood.

Sen. John McCain co-authored a good global warming bill when running for president in 2008. But he did a 180-degree turnabout when running for re-election to Arizona’s Senate seat two years later, suddenly saying, “There’s great questions about it that ">need to be resolved.”


For other questions about the politics of climate change and many other aspects:

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