Iowa and Wind


In 2009, Iowa became the first state to have more than 10% of its total generated electricity come from wind power. In 2010, power generated by wind was 15.4% of all electricity generated in Iowa. At the end of 2010, the installed capacity for wind power in Iowa was  a little less than 10% of the total wind capacity in the U.S. No significant additions were made to Iowa's wind power generating capacity in 2010.


China has overtaken the US as the powerhouse of world wind, but the US has still got some serious wind energy happening.The annual Wind Technologies Market Report says four states--Iowa, South Dakota, North Dakota, and Minnesota--managed to squeeze out over 10% of their in-state energy production from wind power last year.iowawind

Iowa's strong growth in renewables has not been accidental In May 2007, Iowa Governor Chet Culver signed the Power Fund Policy Bill and  the Power Fund Appropriations Bill . These bills constitute the Iowa Power Fund, a $100 million state fund designed to expand Iowa's renewable energy industry and to make Iowa "the energy capital of the world." 

 The Iowa Power Fund directly establishes the Office of Energy Independence and the aim is to achieve  independence from foreign sources of energy by the year 2025.

Iowa created the first Renewable Electricity Standard (RES) in the nation. It was known first as the Alternative Energy Production Law and later as a Renewable Portfolio Standard (RPS), and it required that  utilities add 105 megawatts of in-state renewable power.This was passed in 1983, but because of a serious amount of push back from the energy companies and years when the lawyers were the only winners but finally the first commercial wind was installed in 1999

In the same move for energy independence and to reduce the greenhouse gas emissions ,President Obama has called for 80 percent of U.S. energy to come from sources that produce little or no greenhouse gas emissions by 2035.To get anywhere near this target will require massive increases in wind, solar, and  hydro. As of now the  United States gets about 11% of its electricity from renewable sources- so there's some big upside in there


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