Human Progress in Harmony with Nature- Upcoming Event to Give Voice to Change Makers Across Southeast Asia

Getting attention for environmental issues is not always an easy thing to do in Asia.  Many identify “green” with the color of money and not much else.  And in many ways, who could blame people--  with competitive cultures, an economic downturn, and a rising cost of living, for many the narrow focus on money lingers out of necessity. 

The good news is that the tide seems to be changing, with a recent survey by WWF highlighting that increasingly more Asians want a strong, international climate agreement.  The issues are starting to stir a bit more on many levels.  One upcoming event is likely to help shift the public conscience yet another small step towards the bigger picture.

Coming on October 8th in Singapore, an event hosted by Qi-Global highlights the progressive pioneers who are leading the charge towards sustainable design and development across Southeast Asia. 

From wildlife conservationist Lone Dröscher Nielsen, to product designer Singgih S. Kartono, to jewellery designer John Hardy-- the event will shed light on their causes and achievements.  It will also raise awareness about critical issues like climate change and environmental impacts of human development around the region. 

One of the issues to be touched on during the evening is the development of palm oil plantations in deforested rainforest areas.  Check out more on Lone Dröscher Nielsen’s work at the Nyaru Mentang Orangutan Rehabilitation Project in this video clip:



This event will also serve as a chance for people to learn more about ecologically designed items, indigenous art, and regionally sourced gourmet food.  The approach is unique in that it uses a well-rounded blend of speakers, art, design, and cuisine to get people’s attention on some very important issues.  As the perfect backdrop, the event will be held at the historic National Museum of Singapore. 

Chris Tobias is editor of Celsias and Lead Strategist at Forward.

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