How To Stay Secure On the Internet and Go Green Too

Amy Boff


 As quality of life and health care is improving thanks to medicine and technology, the population is over 7 billion. Over 2 billion people are using the internet on average right now. That’s almost a third of the population. With this increase in people comes an increase in the use of resources.


Taking a look at some other facts:


-          Air pollution at dangerous levels throughout Europe

-          Worst affected regions cutting life expectancy from 8 months to 2 years

-          130,000 computers discarded every day in the US

-          Average office worker throws away 360 pounds of paper annually





Small change


You might already be aware of one or all of these facts. And you may be thinking that there is little you can do to prevent the flood of pollutants and waste. However, if you have made the decision to try and reduce your carbon footprint, you may be a little unsure on how to start.


The answer is quite simple. Use your computer.


That’s it. That’s one way you can go green easily and immediately.


A lot of the tasks that require you to travel can be done from the comfort of your own home, so it’s also important to remember that online security is a crucial factor to keep in mind whilst doing all this.




Chances are that you already do a little online shopping. It’s convenient, it’s fast and it’s very simple.  A lot of the main brands will now let you complete your food, drink and clothes shopping online, which means you do not have to travel to the actual store.


Sources state that parking your vehicle for just one day and doing your shopping online can keep over a pound of pollution out of the atmosphere.


Most businesses will allow you to pay via credit/debit card or through Paypal. It acts as a buffer between your bank account and unknown parties, and is one of the most secure forms of online payment, so getting set up on it is highly recommended.






Probably the best way to go green is to reduce the usage of paper. Computers don’t need paper to work (that’s a typewriter), so sending e-mails whenever possible is by far the most effective method of decreasing waste.


Internet banking offers the opportunity to further act on this via paperless billing. Instead of a mountain of statements piling up only to be thrown away, you can have them stored safely on a hard drive.


The beauty of online communication is that everything can be protected. If you are a business and need to transfer sensitive information, then keeping it secure through security services (for example Handd) is something you can do to maintain some peace of mind.


For the same business user, online communications opens up a very convenient and environment-friendly solution to ‘the meeting’.


Video conferencing is a live meeting using video and audio tool, which get people from any part of the country (or indeed the world) together in one room. The amazing thing about this form of conferencing is the flexibility.


-          Online whiteboarding

-          On-board recording of meetings

-          Files can be accessed by all members of conference via desktop sharing

-          Text Chat



Of course, the main environmental benefit is that you won’t be using transport to get to meetings.






Almost every person who uses a computer will download software. This ranges from files and images to music and film.


The advantages of this are obvious from an eco-standpoint. With music and film streamed directly to your computer, it negates the need for physical component such as discs and bulky packaging.


With any download, security is paramount. A reliable anti-virus program should be used when downloading anything from the internet, or even from portable storage devices.





It can be difficult to try and maintain a green attitude, especially when so many individuals and businesses may not be following suit. However, with more and more people utilising computer technology for work and personal use, these practises will become more and more apparent, allowing a change in the way we manage our resources.



This article was provided by Amy Boff.

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