Hot, Hot Hot in the USA


 The Southwest of the US was reaching scorching temperatures as the jetstream sits over the country in a stagnant pool of heat .

heatwave Highs between 115 and 120 degrees were expected for parts of Arizona, Nevada and California through the weekend. Warnings have gone out to be extremely careful when you go outside. Even the footpath or road surface can burn in those heats. Health officials reminded people to drink plenty and watch out for heat stroke.Cooling stations have been set up .. At least seven people have been found dead in the last week in Arizona after falling victim to the brutal desert heat while trying to slip across the border.

Forecasters said temperatures in sunbaked Las Vegas could match the record of 117 degrees Saturday. Phoenix also was expected to hit that mark, matching the record for June 29 set in 1994. And large swaths of California sweltered under extreme heat warnings, which are expected to last into Tuesday night — and maybe even longer.heatwave

The forecast called for Death Valley to reach 128 degrees Saturday as part of a heat wave that has caused large parts of the western U.S. to suffer.The record high for Death Valley was  134 degrees. It was  set a century ago, stands as the highest temperature ever recorded on Earth.

.Downtown Los Angeles was expected to hit 91 degrees, 7 degrees short of its record.

And in Utah and Wyoming and Idaho, high temperatures are expected as well as for cities in the Washington state area .





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