Horses to be Slaughtered in the US for Meat


white horse  The U.S.D.A. (United States Department of Agriculture) is moving toward approving a horsemeat slaughterhouse in New Mexico within the next two months.  This will be the first time equine meat slaughtered in the US will be offered for human consumption since 2007. Horses can be consumed in the US, but not slaughtered here so they have been shipped to Canada and Mexico.

 If you’re like me you might be shocked, and appalled that people could eat horsemeat in the US.  And then, like me, maybe you’re also harkening back to those elementary school years (before I gladly became a vegetarian) thinking, “What was in those school hamburgers?!

Companies like Tesco, Ikea, and Nestle recently had to pull food from the shelves in 14 countries because it was labeled 100% beef but actually contained horsemeat.  horses Yes, it is just gross, but people also warn about drugs used to treat horses ending up in the food supply.

The factory might be approved because a horsemeat slaughterhouse locatedin Roswell, NM called Valley Meat Company sued the U.S.D.A., which was no longer inspecting the plant for safety.  Meaning the meat couldn’t be sold in the US.

The Humane Society and several other groups have launched a formal protest. If you want to stop the slaughter of horses in the US contact your local representative or sign a petition like this one on CARE2’s Petition site.


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Federico Galavis (anonymous)

Let's stop this barbarism!

Written in March 2013

Raegan (anonymous)


Written in March 2013

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