Guerilla Gardening

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Instead of guns in their hands they clutch spades and rakes. Instead of bullets and bombs, they have seeds and plants. Those are the guerilla gardeners, a type of soldiers of nature if you will. Guerilla gardeners find small or large patches of abandoned or neglected land and turn them into flowerbeds and gardens without permission from the landowner or authorities.


Guerilla Gardening basically means planting on land that doesn’t really belong to the gardener. Most often it’s a public piece of property that has been abandoned or neglected. Guerilla gardeners have been known to create unassuming gardens in curbs, empty lots, and potholes. These gardeners have been referred to as ‘artists’ who use plants and flowers as natural graffiti to spruce up areas in their neighborhood.

The beginnings of the Guerilla Gardening movement is credited to Richard Reynolds who started his cultivation in and around London years ago. What used to be a sort of “secret” movement has grown into a worldwide movement. Now there are guerilla gardeners all over the world.

You can find out more on the website or on their Facebook page.


Guerilla Gardening


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In the last few years, guerilla gardening has taken off in the United Kingdom: activists have thrown seed bombs into parks to transform them into wildflower meadows, herbs have been planted around trees, pavements have been “pimped” by the planting of flowers and roundabouts have become vegetable patches. Find out more -

Written in June 2013

Steve B. 10°

This is a noble idea of planting trees in abandoned areas to keep it green and beautiful. Now its great to see people getting conscious of our environment.

Written in June 2013

This is a great story. I just watched the TedX video by Richard ( and was inspired. I am going to gather up some friends and start guerrilla gardening :) There are just so many underutilized areas. I think this will really benefit my small South Texas town.

Written in June 2013

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