Greener Gadgets Conference

This Friday in New York City, leaders in enviro-gadgetry will meet to talk, network and share their ideas on greening the consumer electronics industry with students, the media, companies and interested techno-heads. The Greener Gadgets conference is put on by Inhabitat and Marc Alt + Partners to showcase technology that considers environmental impact in the design, manufacture, use and disposal of today's electronic gadgets.

Greener Gadgets is a one day conference featuring key representatives from some of the largest consumer electronics companies in the world, innovators from academic thinktanks, members of startups focused on renewable energy, and some of the leading minds in the world of sustainable design and business. Topics to be addressed include: design for sustainability, product life cycle management, take-back and recycling programs, energy efficiency, greener materials, and green lifestyle and product marketing. - Greener Gadgets
Features of the event include a model green office exhibit that showcases a suite of environmentally-conscious technology; the work of artists inspired by techno-garbage and techno-societies; a cell phone recycling station with information and resources about ongoing recycling measures; and a keynote speech by the chief technology officer of the One Laptop Per Child project that designed and built a $100 laptop destined for developing nations - take a look:


The conference promises to be super-charged, populated with young and young-at-heart entrepreneurs and consumers keen to get in on the burgeoning business at the nexus of technology and the environment. Unfortunately it's all sold out, so readers keen to take part will need to wait and see if the Greener Gadgets conference becomes a regular event.

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