Green Storm Headed for the IT World


A Green technology brainstorm is headed for the IT world as International Green IT Awareness Week running from the 1 - 7 June 2013 aims to shine a spotlight on Green IT and pave the way for organisations and individuals to initiate, promote and support Green IT discussions and action.

green IT The International Green IT Awareness Week (IGITAW) is a seven day, multi-time zone, global, online event hosted by the Foundation for IT Sustainability (FFITS.ORG) that will bring together the global network of Green IT professionals with thousands of tech journalists, CIOs, CTOs, IT Managers, sustainability professionals, carbon managers, IT enthusiasts and more under one virtual roof.

FFITS.ORG’s Project Manager and Event Manger of IGITAW, Tim Martin, said, thisGreen IT yearwe will have over 30 live and pre-recorded tactical and practical learning sessions, international keynotes, Q&A panels and is a must attend for those looking for greater sustainability performance and efficiency from their organisation and IT assets.” “The main outcome of this week is to encourage individuals and organisations to demand more from themselves and their partners, holding each other to account for our impact on the environment,” Mr Martin said.

“As a 100% virtual conference, attendees of International Green It Awareness Week can learn from Green IT experts, network, chat directly with other attendees, speakers and sponsors in the comfort of their own home or office.” “Presentations will be run across multiple global time zones and can be viewed on demand if you miss the session. Our speakers will also be available post-presentation to chat live with the audience in dedicated Q&A panels.” Mr Martin added.

 Mr Martin highlighted there are small steps each organisation can take which – when multiplied across the globe – contribute a massive reduction to the global greenhouse gas toll.

 FFITS “As an individual, by turning your computer off each night when you leave work, you will help save as much energy as it takes to make 9,280 bags of microwave popcorn, or to produce 3,480 plastic bags in a year,” “Until now, organisations were missing a centralised, cohesive initiative which will enable them to both understand the benefits, challenges and cultural changes required for Green IT, and appreciate the current research enabling them to plan for the future.” Mr Martin said.

“Now, through International Green IT Awareness Week everyone can learn about practical implementation of environmentally sustainable IT practices they can undertake today,” Mr Martin concluded.

Mark Winter, Founder of FFITS.ORG said, “Anyone who wishes to attend to learn or spread knowledge about Green IT can participate for free.” “It shouldn’t cost any money to take care of the environment and our common future, I encourage everyone to register online ,” Mr Winter concluded.










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Steve B. 10°

A noble effort to save our environment. With our environment is now facing a number of problems that include global warming, ozone depletion, pollution, we all need to take strong measures and spread awareness about it. I will register myself to know more what I can do to save mother Earth.

Written in April 2013

Tim M. 10°

A truly inspirational effort - kudos to FFITS.ORG and their dedicated team! Providing a free to attend global conference is no easy feat, and I commend their efforts!

I attended their Green IT Virtual Conference in 2011 and 2012 and found the speakers to be incredibly talented, insightful and provided some truly practical information that both individuals and organisations can use to help reduce the negative impacts our increasing use of IT has on our global environment. I would encourage anyone with a passion for sustainability and/or IT to register and get along to as many conference presentations as they can to show support.

Written in April 2013

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